Avatar: The Last Airbender – Cosplay FLOW ARTS at J1-Con!


My fellow fans of all things geek, I address you sincerely and formally. I bring you all great news.

I am working hard to spread the awareness and appreciation of the flow arts movement to new audiences. My friend Matthew Brenner, Rebecca Sheng, and myself are working very hard to put together a complex multi-performer Avatar the Last Airbender cosplay flow arts performance at J1-Con Music Fest. We are doing this purely to spread awareness and appreciation for the arts, for your entertainment, and for many more. This event will have large exposure. We want this performance to blow away our new audience, and leave a great lasting impression. To do that, we need your help. We need great costumes, which we are going to make, but need money for the materials, and we want to rent some stage lighting equipment as well. Please help us out and donate to our Kickstarter campaign.

CLICK HERE to see the full campaign page and check out the rewards.

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