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New Era G Review

Hey there, J1 fans. Interested in something new to read? Check out New Era G, created by Steiner Palomino. The story is like a modern day Dragon Ball, except if you removed the dragon balls, and replace them with the search for the O’Connor Super Armor. Although the anime influenced art style could use some …

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Review of “Vagrant Summer” by David S. McCrae

Vagrant Summer is a story told by a teenage boy named Dartmouth, whom chooses to run away from his abusive home life in the midst of a revolution within his homeland Eden. He decides to use as a scapegoat the “Great Walk Out”, an idealistic protest inspired by the book “One Summer”, against the government …

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Blood Lad Manga vol1… REVIEW

Looking for something new to read? Check out Blood Lad a manga by Yuuki Kodama. It’s a Action, fantasy, comedy filled with a assortment of colorful characters. The style reminds me of Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist in America) meets Soul Eater, if you like thoes series then you will enjoy this series. The story …

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