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Scream Queens will make you want to scream.

Ryan Murphy you have done it again! You have made me think I’m going to fall in love with a show and then you push me to the point where I just throw my arms in the air and want to give up. This campy, over the top horror movie-esque television show is falling apart …

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The Internship is the Hangover for nerds

I hope no one is offended by the use of the terms nerds in the tagline. This was told to me by our faithful leader, Jason, after watching the movie yesterday. In a way I would have to agree with him. If you haven’t seen the trailer, it is attached below. This movie has the …

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The Purge movie

Okay, so has everyone seen the trailer for the move “The Purge”? If you haven’t, it is attached. It probably isn’t safe for the younger set, just so you know. From the trailer and what I have read it looks like it will be amazing. I’m actually happy about a scary, suspenseful movie. It has …

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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

I know the movie has been out for a little bit now but I just got around to seeing it a few days ago. I was really excited to see it. I made a point of reading the book before seeing the movie. BIG MISTAKE! If you want to fully appreciate the movie, DON’T read …

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Batman & Superman together at last…as LEGOS

So in case you hadn’t heard, Warner Brother’s is making movie called Lego: The Piece of Resistance. The story centers around the character Emmet. He is an “ordinary, law-abiding, Lego mini-figure who is mistaken for the most extraordinary MasterBuilder. He’s drafted into a fellowship of strangers on a quest to stop an evil tyrant from …

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Rob Zombie and the Flyers?

So I have heard that Rob Zombie will be making a movie about our Philadelphia Flyers. He will be focusing on the team from the 70’s, affectionately known as the Broad Street Bullies (That is also the name of the movie). This is kind of a departure from his usual style of movies. He tends …

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Sad news

Sad news today folks. Yvette Wilson, best known for her role as Andell on Moesha and the spin-off The Parkers, died yesterday at the young age of 48. She had been suffering from stage 4 cervical cancer and kidney disease. It’s a shame. A lot of people grew up watching Moesha whether they want to …

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