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Hey Im Forrest, aka. Forrest Fire. Been with J1 studios for about a year and some and I am dedicated to making music my lifestyle. Need to record a rap or looking for a beat? Email me and moves will be made. The Forrest is on Fire but it Never Burns Down.

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Tonight! SPinCo Presents Go-Go Hooping with Glo Bird!

SPinCo, the South Philly Spin Coalition is know for their awesome staff of performers and workshop teachers who specialize in flow arts. What are “flow arts” you ask? From “The Flow Arts are at once a sport and a leisure activity, a hobby and an obsession – a new way to dance, explore and interact …

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StarStorm’s Newest Album!! Be the First to Hear it Now, Exclusively on J1 Studios!

** UPDATE! ** CLICK HERE to Download the album on her bandcamp page! “MIND GAMES”. Is that not the COOLEST name for a VG Remix album?! StarStorm is back with album #2 and believe it, she has been putting in that work!! We’ve been following her social media accounts since we posted about her first …

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Nintendo Inspired Brew! Kirby’s Cream Ale

Unfortunately you won’t be seeing this bottle at your local bar or distributor anytime soon, but the design work that art director Justin Matkowski put into this project is fantastic! From Justins Website: When Jesse, a friend and colleague of mine at Pixlbit decided that he wanted to brew a few beers inspired by 8-bit …

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Philadelphia Flow Social Pictures! (Download Link Included)

Philadelphia’s first Flow social event was an incredible night of music, dance, and loads of good people displaying their talents. Watching performers use poi, hoops, nunchucks, juggling pins, rope darts, staves, buugeng, fans and more, I learned that the world of flow arts is a vast universe of different styles and props. No two people swung …

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Tonight! 1st Ever Philadelphia FLOW SOCIAL! Hoops, Poi, Dancers and More!

Tonight at RUBA, from 9:30 to 1:30am, you can catch a lineup of incredible performances from international flow artists, fire spinners, belly dancers, b-boys and jugglers. We’ll be there doing photography and getting video of the performances for a short recap video. “Philadelphia Flow Artists & host Noel Yee come together this evening to provide a flowcase …

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Super Smash Bros. WiiU/3DS: Prima Official Game Guides!

To any gamer who enjoys reading about their games as much as playing them, an official game guide can be the perfect compliment to a great game. We don’t yet know many details about whats inside, but we know this: Nintendo and PrimaGames have published two versions of the SSB WiiU/3DS Official Game Guides. One …

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New VG Inspired album by StarStorm ft. GameChops!

Today we are honoring a new member of the VG Remix & Chiptune music community for the awesome new album that she’s just released. Ladies and gents, give it up for a young female producer by the name of StarStorm! Only a few days ago, StarStorm dropped her debut album on her Bandcamp page and …

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Mario Kart 8 DLC: ExciteBike Course Trailer!

DLC pack 1 includes Link on his awesome Mastercycle, Tanooki Mario, Cat Peach, and eight new courses! One of those new courses happens to be a recreated version of the Excitebike arena from the original NES game. The DLC pack will cost you $7.99 and will be available November 2014.

KLANG. Futuristic Rhythm Platformer Game Teaser Trailer

EDM producer bLiNd, notorious for his 25+ featured hits on OC Remix and his work with Video Game Remix label GameChops, has teamed up with game production studio Tinimations. The first glimpse of their project, titled “KLANG”, looks, (and sounds) incredible. From the video’s youtube description: “Klang is designed around the philosophy of merging dynamic …

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JAGS – Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (PS1)

Just a few days before Halloween, Justin and friends battle through Castlevania, telling spooky stories about Metroid, and working at Seven Eleven. (Contains explicit langage) Four friends that play video games. New episode every Thursday. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night for the Sony Playstation.