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Dante vs. Bayonetta: The Witch Dances with the Devil Chapter 22

Dante takes off like a shot. Metal clashes with lightning again as Bayonetta halts his attack. The witch throws a leg high only to have it take on more gashes from Gilgamesh. Dante returns the favor, swinging a long leg high for Bayonetta’s head. Bayonetta saves her face from being scarred. She struggles to hold …

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Devil May Cry Anthology Pt. 4

Developer(s) Capcom Publisher(s) Capcom Director(s) Hideaki Itsuno Producer: Hiroyuki Hobayashi Platform(s) PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, iOS Release date(s) PlayStation 3 / Xbox 360 JP January 31, 2008 NA February 5, 2008 AUS February 7, 2008 EU February 8, 2008 Microsoft Windows NA July 8, 2008 AUS July 10, 2008 EU July 11, 2008 …

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Defenders Episode 2: Revelations Pt. 1 Chapter 2

The men make their way to Washington Square, a park about two blocks away from Independence Hall. They enter the empty park that was poorly lit by the few lights that were inside. The men sit on a bench and begin rummaging through the stolen wallet and purse. The wallet contained various credit cards while …

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Dante vs. Bayonetta: The Witch Dances with the Devil Chapter 21

*AUTHOR’S NOTE: Just to warn you, it does get edgy in one part. It’s just how I feel the characters would interact with each other.* Bayonetta gazes at Dante intensely from behind her butterfly-motif glasses. She knows the look in his eyes suggest to her that he will not hold back. He will face her …

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Magic returns!! Once Upon a Time Recap!!

*WARNING: SPOILER ALERT!!* Just when you think no more crap can hit the fan, here comes Cora and Hook, who arrived in Storybrooke at the end of the fall finale, ready to continue their old intentions. However, their plans play second fiddle to Regina’s attempt at redemption. Having been responsible for Emma and Mary Margaret’s …

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New DmC CG Trailer!!

This trailer was shown in theatres for Capcom’s upcoming reboot of the beloved series being produced by Ninja Theory. I like the Assassin’s Creed inspired sequence that leads up to some devil bashing. I am so excited for this latest installment despite all the negative cred its been getting from a few fans.

Get ready for a scary good time with 3 films!!

Here come the parodies!! Three films take a whack at popular movies such as “Paranormal Activity”, “Madea”, “Hunger Games” and post apocalyptic movies (pick one). First up is “A Haunted House” which opens January 11. This film is directed by Michael Tiddes and stars Marlon Wayans. Marlon plays Malcolm Johnson who moves into a house …

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Defenders Episode 2: Revelations Pt. 1 Chapter 1

It is nighttime in Philadelphia and the city is asleep. The streets are quiet except for the occasional car that drives down Market Street and a few people walking the street to enjoy a late dinner at their favorite restaurant. Septa buses and trains are nearing the end of a long day of transporting passengers …

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Dante vs. Bayonetta: The Witch Dances with the Devil Chapter 20

Dante goes into a stylish dance, shooting Lucifer’s needles as he twists and turns with a flashy flare that is unique only to him. Bayonetta, with a few simple gestures, has Kulshedra destroy each needle. Swinging his arms wide, several more needles quickly line up in front Dante before he snaps his arm forward to …

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Introducing “Arcana X”!!

Arcana X is an new series I came up with that will delve into my love of fantasy and magic. One of my favorite games, Final Fantasy, is one of several inspirations for this new series. Below is an introduction. Read, enjoy and let me know what you think. The Knights of Arcana have guarded …

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