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Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls TGS 2019 trailer

Now you can the adventure wherever you go. Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls brings together heroes from your favorite titles in the series on a new adventure as they battle their way through evil demons and vicious monsters to put an end to Count Dracula. This latest entry in the franchise features co-op gameplay, multiplayer mode, …

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Tales of Arise – A Fateful Encounter TGS 2019 trailer

Two unlikely companions join forces to fight for the future of their worlds. Tales of Arise is the latest in Bandai Namco’s long running action RPG series. This latest installment sees Alphen and Shionne, two heroes from the opposing world of Dahna and Rena, forming a bond as they embark on an adventure to save …

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Hiei sees his way into Screw Attack’s DEATH BATTLE!!

Formally a wanted for stealing treasure from the Underworld, Hiei is a demon with incredible power. His Conjuring Blade allows him to turn anyone it cuts into a demon and he cam summon black flames from the Demon world using a technique known as Black Dragon Unholy Fire. Hiei’s greatest strength lies in his Evil …

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Funimation adds Fairy Tale: Dragon Cry, Free! and live action Tokyo Ghoul films!!

Funimation announced on Monday they have added Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry to their anime lineup. They have also added the four Free! films (High Speed! Free – Starting Days, Free! The Movie – Timeless Medley – The Bond, Free! The Movie – Timeless Medley – The Promise, Free! – Take Your Marks) and the live …

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Get ready for another dating season!!

The Date A Live franchise is getting a new TV anime. The official website for Date A Live anime revealed plans to adapt a new anime based on the romantic comedy light novel series written by Koushi Tachibana and illustrated by Tsunako. The November issue of Kadokawa’s monthly Dragon Magazine will have feature regarding the …

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Nioh 2 – Tokyo Games Show 2019 Trailer

Prepare for the horror of the Dark Realm with your first look at the samurai adventure’s intense combat in a brand new trailer, just revealed at Tokyo Game Show. Nioh 2 is the sequel to the 2017 game from Koei Tecmo set during a fictionalized version of the year 1600, the plot follows the journeys …

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Stranded Sails: Explorers of the Cursed Islands – Tokyo Games Show 2019 trailer

Stranded Sails – Explorers of the Cursed Islands is an open world, exploration and farming adventure full of quests to complete and mysteries to solve! Farm, craft and cook to survive as you take charge of building a camp full of survivors. With the goal of building a new ship to escape, you set off …

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Final Fantasy VII Remake – Shiva and Ifrit are summoned

The evil Shinra corporation rules the world with an iron fist and continues to spin its web of lies. Have the rebels, known as Avalanche, bitten off more than they can chew? Get your first look at Shinra’s agents, the Turks, powerful summons, Ifrit and Shiva, and much more in this trailer from Tokyo Game …

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Gungrave: G.O.R.E. Reunion trailer – PS4

Destroy everything in game!! GUNGRAVE, the game on Playstation2 that was released in 2002 and was very popular during that time! This is the latest full trailer of GUNGRAVE G.O.R.E.(Gunslinger Of REsurrection) which is an authentic sequence of GUNGRAVE O.D. GORE makes ‘Kugashira Bunji’ and ‘Beyond The Grave’ reunite after 15 years! Also, Quartz, who …

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Guilty Gear 2020 Extended gameplay trailer and May character reveal!!

Released for the first time in 1998, the 2D fighting game series GUILTY GEAR celebrated its 20th birthday in 2018. Watch this extended fight scene with rivals Sol Badguy and Ky Kiske featuring an extended version of the original trailer song and a short look at May’s new design in the 2020 release!