Arcana X 2nd Assignment: Bitter Suites to Succubi Chapter 13

Elanohr and Tremont look distantly at Ecks and Willow who have both returned to Tremont’s home with information about Elga’s last whereabouts. They have spoken to their neighbors who all gave similar testimonies. Milla Evans, who lives across from Elga, and Tarja Tuloch, who lives in the house next to Milla, both confirmed that they have not seen Elga for nearly three weeks. Willow spoke to Milla first who backed Elanohr about how Elga spent her time tending to her garden and the plants hanging in and around her home. She cared for them immensely. Tarja’s story also collaborates. She recalls the many times they have been invited by Elga to her home and were amazed at how meticulously cleaned it was. However, they began to notice that Elga was spending less time in her garden until one day she completely stopped altogether. Concerned, Milla and Tarja went and knocked on Elga’s door. There came no reply. They told Elanohr a couple days later. However, Elanohr told them that she was just with Elga earlier that day. Milla and Tarja found it strange. They watched Elga’s house for several days. No one went in. No one came out. They took notice that Larissa had mysteriously vanished as well. She and Aerith would leave each morning to go to Tulpaar Village with their cart. That, too, had stopped nearly three weeks ago. Milla and Tarja were concerned. They tried speaking to Elanohr again. They told her about Elga’s absence in her garden and Larissa suddenly disappearing and how they have seen neither of them entering or leaving their house. Elanohr told them she had had lunch with Elga that day and how Larissa left that morning with Aerith for Tulpaar. They even took Elanohr over to Elga’s home and showed her how her once vibrant garden had become decrepit. Elanohr insisted that the garden was fine, that it was still lively as ever. What alerted them more was when Elanhor waved to Elga whom she claimed was watering her plants though no one was on the porch.
Together, Milla and Tarja tried to convince Elanohr that something has happened to Elga and her daughter. They even told her that Aerith may have gone missing as well. Then, that was when the argument began. Elanohr lashed back, saying that Milla and Tarja were jealous of Elga and her garden. That they took advantage of her knowledge of flowers and plants. Milla and Tarja defended themselves, expressing their care concern for her and their worry for Elga and Larissa’s wellbeing. Tarja attempted to coax Elanohr into returning to her home with Milla so they talk more calmly. Elanohr snaps at her, telling her to stay away. Then her mood changed suddenly from anger to pity. She asks them if they hated Elga, if they didn’t want her around, suggesting that they are ignoring her by pretending that Elga is missing. Milla and Tarja couldn’t believe what they were hearing. They have been friends with Elanohr and Elga for years. They didn’t know where this accusation was coming from. Again, Tarja and Milla plead with Elanohr to believe them about Elga, Larissa and Aerith going missing. They argue back and forth with Elanohr having convinced herself that her one-time friends have become her enemies and Milla and Tarja trying to convince her otherwise.
It’ll be nearly a week before the three of them speak to each other again. Tarja opened the door one day to find a disheveled Elanohr standing on her porch. She recalls Elanohr breaking down crying, telling her that Aerith had gone missing. That is when she left and came back with Milla. They tried to comfort Elanohr who was nearly inconsolable. They look at each other oddly, uncertain of what to do. Milla and Tarja silently agreed to forget their earlier confrontation and do what they can to help their friend.
“I don’t remember any of that,” replied Elanohr, looking distantly at the floor. She has gone through several scenarios in her mind. Her confrontation with Milla and Tarja is not among them.
“None of it?” asks Tremont.
“I’ve gone over it in mind. I…” Elanohr pauses as her stress begins to rise. “I can’t remember. I…I don’t remember,” she says, placing a hand on her head.
“Unfortunately, your neighbors are not the only ones,” says Ecks. He goes on to tell Elanohr and Tremont about his interview with the Soupher sisters, Natalie and Ophelia and the local florist Serena. They all confirm that none of them have seen Elga for nearly a month. The same goes for Larissa and Aerith, who are feared to be among the other missing girls.
“It doesn’t make sense,” says Tremont. He has been trying to piece together enough to make sense of the situation. How could his sister Elga have been dead for three weeks without his knowledge? Whom did he interact with ten days ago if Elga was already dead by then? The questions race through his mind as he struggles to figure it out. He looks at Elanohr. How long was she interacting with “Elga” before they discovered her corpse hanging from the ceiling? More importantly, what has become of his niece Larissa and Aerith. “None of this makes sense,” he reiterates.
Ecks and Willow look at Tremont and Elanohr, wondering the same thing about Elga, Larissa and Aerith. More so, they now are curious as to what is happening with Elanohr and Tremont. They both claim to have seen a woman who has been dead for nearly a month. None of their neighbors have seen Elga in that time frame and were shocked when told of her passing. Ecks and Willow made sure to keep the circumstances of Elga’s death to themselves while telling the neighbors this. On top of Elga, they must also uncover the mystery of the disappearances that have been occurring for some time. Their first solid lead is the seamstress Elyzah Turbin, who said that the disappearances began three months ago. Then there the recent disappearance of Larissa and Aerith. Elanohr said that her daughter Aerith has been missing for three days but Aerith has not been seen for nearly a month. The same goes for Larissa. Their disappearance and Elga’s death seem to coincide. Is there a connection? Ecks and Willow ponder this. They may have to revisit their best lead, the seamstress Elyzah Turbin, to find out what else she knows. But first, they must make sure that Tremont and Elanohr are fine.
“It’s a lot to take in. I know,” Ecks starts. “But, the one thing you can’t do right now is lose hope. Aerith and Larissa may still be out there. I promised I was going to find them and I intend to uphold that pledge. And any of the other missing girls as well.”
“We will uncover what is happening in your village,” Willow adds. She then takes Elanohr’s hand and holds it tenderly. “We will find your daughter.”
Elanohr places a hand on top of Willow’s hand. “Thank you,” she says, looking at her teary eyed. “For being so kind.”
Willow responds with a nod. She then stands along with Ecks and leave Tremont’s home. Tremont looks at Elanohr. He is still unsure about the two Arcana Knights especially given his angst towards Arcana Kingdom for what happened to his friend years ago. He hasn’t forgiven them for that. He can’t. However, he will trust Ecks and Willow if it means finding out what happened to his niece Larissa.
Deep in Dodgson Woods, the forest in which Tulpaar and Tulpex lie, stands a large old chateau, half covered in crawling vines. Two large trees flank either side of the building that has been beaten by weather and time. Several shutters hung from the windows like worn tapestry. More laid on the ground having lost their fight against gravity. The expansive courtyard is shabby and overgrown. It has been many years since the once vibrant greenery has seen rake and shear. As dilapidated as it is on the outside, the chateau is every bit as immaculate on the inside. Statues of beautiful women decorate every room and corridor. Majestic gargoyles are perched at the ends of each hall, seemingly keeping vigil. A large gargoyle statue watches over the main foyer, sitting poised with a calm face and sharp gaze. The chateau is illuminated by sconces though their radiance is contained within the chateau itself, unable to be seen from the outside. Lavish furniture and other expensive items such as vases, wardrobes, and paintings decorated each room. In the master bedroom, which is just as luxurious as the rest of the house, Larissa and Aerith are enjoying their time together, locked in passion as they explore their new succubus bodies. Their mistress Ezibel watches passionately. She smiles. They are enjoying each other so much. Their deep-rooted feelings have finally come out after being locked away for so long. Aerith kisses Larissa on her neck. Larissa shudders. Ezibel is fascinated. She has chosen these two wisely. They make excellent additions to her kind. There is still one more for her to claim.
“My darlings,” says Ezibel.
Larissa and Aerith slow their loving of each other enough to reply. “Yes, Mistress.”
“It is time to claim our third,” Ezibel tells them. She stands from her beautifully decorated chair and strolls to the large bed, her vail like clothing flowing behind her. “Will you collect her for me, my darling?” she says while slowing gliding a nail up from Aerith’s bosom to her chin.
“As you desire, Mistress,” replies Aerith. She then kisses Ezibel deeply. Afterward, she gives her mistress a lustful gaze and adds, “The female knight shall be yours.” Aerith shares a wicked laugh with her mistress.

Ecks and Willow’s story begins in “Arcana X: Gunslinger Swordsman!”
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