Arcana X 1st Assignment: Gunslinger Swordsman Ch.1 Pt.6!!

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Visibly shaken, the men huddle tighter to the table. The intensity they saw in Mildred’s eyes stomped their spirits even farther down than when they witnessed Agnes let loose her rage on Cleetus for disturbing her business. Cleetus’s statuesque cousin steps toward them. Her patience for their answer had quickly run out. The mugs rapped against the table from the men’s trembling hands. Nervous sweat poured down their faces as they took a peek at the frightening beauty approaching them. Once she reached the table, the intensity coming from Mildred burned Mangus and his men like hot ash.

“I’ll ask yeh again. Do yeh know meh coosin or not?” Mildred sternly repeated her question.
Again, Mangus and his men remain silent.

“Don’t let them fool ya,” Ecks called from across the room.

Mildred turns to him and asks, “Do yeh know these men, Sir Knight?”

“Yeah, your ‘coosin’ hired them,” Ecks replied, immitating her accent. Seeing the stunned yet expectant expression on Agnes and Mildred’s faces, he continues. Also, he found it quite entertaining to see Cleetus squirm. “What Cleetus said was true. He was sitting with those guys until he suddenly came after me and my lady friend here, disrupting our quiet meal. But this isn’t the first time he’s done this.”

“Yup, that’s right,” Willow added after helping herself to another mug of ale. She takes a gulp and says to Ecks, “Hey, remember that place in Westhook?”

“Oh yeah,” replied Ecks, rubbing his chin, “What was the name of that place? Moon something or another?”

“Oh, the Starry Moon Inn,” Willow said excitedly.

Hearing the name sparked Agnus’s curiosity. “Did yeh say the Starry Moon Inn?” she asks.

“Yup, we ran into him there too,” Willow answered before raising her mug again. “He raised all kinds of hell in that place. He even groped me too.”

Cleetus hollers back, “No I didn’t! I bumped into you and accidently touched your boobs, alright?!” Then he quietly adds, “And they were really soft and tender too.”

“Cleetus!” Agnes sharply called his name. “Yeh mean tae tha’ yeh caused all the ruckus at Sadie Buckmeyers’ place!”

“Sadie Buckmeyer? Why does that name sound so familiar?” The name jarred something in Cleetus’s mind. He heard or knew someone by that name but was having a hard time remembering.

“Because she used to babysit yeh, yeh idiot!!” Mildred yelled as she ran up and drove her fist into her cousin’s face, sending him tumbling across the floor and into the bar. “Yeh trashed Ms. Sadie’s place! And then yeh come ‘ere and do the same thing!”

Cleetus rubs his cheek, feeling it throb in his palm. “Aw, man that was Ms. Sadie’s place? She plays Triple Triad with Aunt Aggie. Man, they are so gonna kill me.”

“Hey, watch it. You almost made me spill my ale,” said Willow. Cleetus turns and looks up at her, tracing her legs up to her chest and then her fresh young face. “Then you have the nerve to try and look up my skirt and stare at my boobs again. Perv,” she says calmly and drinks more ale.

Cleetus quickly jumps to his feet, fearing his cousin heard what was said. “No! No way! That’s not what happened!” he cried at his cousin waving his hands.

Mildred was just within earshot when she heard what Willow said to Cleetus. Though Willow was being coy with Cleetus, that isn’t how Mildred sees it. “So yer not only out ‘ere causing a ruckus but yer skirt-chasing too,” she said sternly.

Cleetus tried to apologize but decided against it knowing how his aunt and cousin are when they’re fired up, especially at him. Reasoning with them is thrown into the wind.

“You’ve gottin yeh self into a fine mess, nephew,” Agnes said firmly. She seems to have calmed down. Yelling and hollering isn’t going to accomplish anything. She had assessed the situation and figured it was time to move on. She still had a business to run that’s still full of customers. Sending her nephew away will not be the solution this time. Now that he has been thoroughly embarrassed in front of all these people, she decides to go easy on him. “Cleetus, for all the troubled yeh caused ‘ere and in Sadie’s place, yer gonna work until your debts are clear. Understand?” Agnes said.

“Yes, Aunt Agnes,” Cleetus replied. Working for his aunt is a far lighter punishment than he has known her to mete out.

Then Agnes whips around to the six men her nephew hired. “An’ yeh six. Yeh wan’ tae get paid then yer gonna hafta work for it. From now on, yeh six are gonna handle the repairs ‘ere startin’ with this room. Yeh also be keepin’ this place spotless, cleanin’ it from top tae bottom. That’s the only way yeh gonna receive payment. Got it?” She spoke to them with authority like they were soldiers.

Mangus answers, “Y-Yeah, we got it.”

“Good. Yeh can start with the basement. Leslie will show yeh where it is,” says Agnes.

In that instant, Mangus and his men hear two heavy footsteps behind them. They turn to see a large brutish-looking man standing behind them with a thick black beard and hair to match. The man’s huge body rippled with muscle. A thick coat of hair covered his burly arms down to his big bear-like hands. Mangus and his men were children compared to Leslie’s massive size.

“Leslie dear, these fellas are our new maintenance men. Yer in charge of them,” Agnes said.

The thick forest of beard on Leslie’s face parts to reveal grinning teeth. “Follow me,” he spoke with a bear-like growl. Mangus and his men just looked in awe as Leslie leads them to a room in the back.
Agnes returned her attention to her nephew once Leslie was gone. “As for you Cleetus, yeh gonna do whatever yer coosin decides.” A grin glides across Agnes’s face which widened Cleetus’s eyes. “And yeh know how creative she can be especially she’s upset with yeh.”

Just then, Mildred says, “And the first thing yeh can do is latrine duty, startin’ with the one Leslie just came out of.”
Cleetus looks over at the bathroom in the corner near the entrance to the dining hall. His jaw drops in dread fearing the unknown horror that a man such as he can leave behind in there. His statuesque cousin grabs him by his shirt and begins leading him to the bathroom. Cleetus yanks away but he is held fast by Mildred who grabs and yanks down by his collar. He is then dragged kicking and screaming. “No, Millie, please anything else but this! C’mon, gimme something else!”
Mildred smiled at her whining cousin and said, “If yeh don’ wanna do this then I’ll have yeh know that Aunt Maggie hasn’t shaved her legs in quite a while.”

The name and proposal sparked something dreadful in Cleetus, for knows his Aunt Margaret, Agnus’s sister, as a robust woman who doesn’t really practice the best of hygiene. “No, please, anything but shaving Aunt Maggie’s legs! Please Millie don’t!” he cried as he is dragged to meet a fate no human should ever encounter.

“Aye, wait until me mother’s sister finds out yer here. She’ll be so happy the see ya,” Mildred says with a devilish snicker before closing the door. A whine from Cleetus is the last sound heard just as the lock clicks.

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