Anthem experiances it’s own “Red Ring of Death!!” Sony handing out refunds, no questions asked!!

More like no questions answered.

Toted as one of the biggest games to hit the PS4, Anthem has been plagued with yet another problem that has forced Sony to hand out refunds for copies of the game, despite Sony having a strict policy on refunding games. The issue must be major enough for them to bend their own rule. Players have reported continuous malfunctions when playing the game such as connection loss, spontaneous shutdowns while playing or the game would shut down the console entirely. Remember Xbox 360’s infamous “Red Ring of Death”? Yeah, same deal. The incident was reported on Anthem’s Reddit page where a player let off some steam about the crashing issues. Another player pointed out that Sony knew about the issue and is handling out refunds to those who own copies of the game. To test this claim, another Reddit user contacted Sony. Not only did they get the refund, they managed to get in contact with PlayStation Support who made no qualms about it.

Sony rarely bends their rule on game refunds. The last reported incident was with “No Man’s Sky”, which players were able to return on the premise of false advertising. The PlayStation 4 isn’t the only one with the issue. Xbox One users are also experiencing the “Red Ring” sequel. No word yet on how Microsoft is responding.

However, there are a collection of players who have played the game without experiencing the reported issues. And the refund deal isn’t a hundred percent. Some players have reported not being able to receive the refund despite experiencing the same issues.

Brad Shoemaker from Giant Bomb reports the same incident happening to him.

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