Anison singer LiSA tops the charts with latest release!!

From Fate/Zero to Sword Art Online, anison singer LiSA (real name Risa Oribe) has performed theme songs for several anime series. The 30-year old singer released two “Best of” albums – “LiSA BEST-Day” and “LiSA BEST-Way”, on May 9. According to the latest report from Oricon, the albums sold 42,000 units in their first week, placing them at Number one and Number two of its weekly album sale chart. This is the first time in LiSA’s seven year career that one of her albums has ranked at the top of the Japanese charts. Her 2nd album, “Landscape”, held the second spot when it was released October 2013. She is the fourth female Japanese artist to have two albums take the top spots at the same time, following Ayumi Hamasaki (Mach 12, 2007), JUJU (November 19, 2012), and Kana Nishino (September 16, 2013). And of course she also becomes the first anison singer who achieved the record in history.

LiSA expresses her gratitude: “I am so happy that both of my best albums, ‘LiSA BEST -Day-‘ and ‘LiSA BEST -Way-,’
which are made from my seven-year activities, have been received by so many people. I will do my
best to keep delivering music and live concerts that will make everyone’s today more and more enjoyable.
One more happy Day is added to the Way I have lived with you together. Thank you very much. Today
is a good day, too!”

Source: Oricon News