Angels of Hell: The Four Horsemen of Salvation

So the rapture is at hand the world is in chaos and all hope seems lost. At least it would seem that way but there is a chance to save the human race. The last descendant  of Christ can save us all and a team of four have taken it upon themselves to seek out the potential savior. Who are these four heroic souls willing to face the forces of hell How could they possibly survive the literal apocalypse. That’s where things get interesting. Upon reaching Earth the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse took pity on the human race and decided to save us instead of destroying us.

First of all the concept is a draw, our would be destroyers being our last hope at salvation, that’s worth checking out for sure. The story definitely keeps your interest to the point it’s over before you feel you’ve gotten your fill, kind of like a delicious appetizer that makes you long for the main course. I read issue 1 and anticipate being able to continue the series. As far as the artwork goes it really compliments the story and fits perfectly. The art style is beautiful as well as fitting and could easily work as standalone art pieces. I commend creator  Chris~Cliff~ Reichard for his work and thank him for allowing me the opportunity to read and review his work. I look forward to the rest of Angels of Hell. My rating 4 out of 5 great work!!!