All three theme songs for Godzilla anime trilogy streaming on official site!!

Just a day away from the release of the CD, the official website for Polygon Pictures’ three-part anime adaption of Toho’s long running Godzilla has begun streaming videos from all three films. Beginning with the first film, “Godzilla: Planet of Monsters” theme song “White Out, “City on the Edge of Battle” theme “SKY FALL” and ending with “Planet Eater” theme “live and die”. All songs are performed by XAI, who made her professional debut with her single “WHITE OUT” in November 2017.

“WHITE OUT” from Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters

“SKY FALL” from Godzilla: City of the Edge of Battle

“live and die” from Godzilla: Planet Eater

Polygon Pictures’ Godzilla anime series began with “Planet of the Monsters” which premiered November 15, 2017, followed by “City of the Edge of Battle” on May 9, 2018 and ends with “Planet Eater” set to premiere November 9, 2018.

Godzilla anime trilogy plot:
In the last summer of the 20th century, Earth was overrun by monsters until Godzilla appeared and began wiping out humans and monsters alike. Humanity was forced to abandon the planet. Twenty years and 11.9 light years later, humanity has cruised along the cosmos. Captain Haruka Sakaki suggests to the committee than they should return to Earth after he reveals his plan for defeating Godzilla, the monster that drove them from their home. With reluctance, the committee agrees. The remainder of humanity return to Earth only to discover that 20,000 years have passed and the planet has been drastically changed due to Godzilla’s influence. Upon arrival, they are attacked by creatures similar to Godzilla before Godzilla appears. The battalion, led by Haruka, trap and destroy Godzilla. However, their victory is short lived when the original Godzilla, who has evolved over the 20 millennia and grown to over 300 meters high, emerges and decimates the battalion. Luckily, a few members survive the attack, including Haruka, who discovers that humans still occupy Earth. The human descendants show Haruka and his remaining crew Mecha-Godzilla City, the city that was created from the remains of Mecha-Godzilla. Galu-Gu suggests that they can use the nanometal of Mecha-Godzilla to defeat Godzilla. After luring Godzilla into a trap, it is revealed that Galu-Gu intends to not only destroy Godzilla but assimilate the planet as well. Appalled and betrayed, Haruka destroys the command tower and Galu-Gu along with it. However, this frees Godzilla who sets about obliterating the city. The humans retreat to the caves in defeat. Before the battle began, Metphies explains to Haruo that a monster, more powerful than Godzilla, destroyed his planet, and reveals that the monster’s name is “Ghidorah”.