Aggretsuko, Castlevania returning to Netflix, along with new anime!!

Well, it seems that Crunchyroll and Funimation aren’t the only ones jumping on the “Anime Express.” Streaming giant Netflix has acquired several new anime series along with returning favorites. At Anime Expo 2018, they revealed the shows that will coming to Netflix in the coming months.

Aggretsuko Season 2

Everyone’s favorite death metal panda is back for another season! Netflix has renewed Aggretsuko for a second season. Produced by Fanworks and featuring a character created by Sanrio, the creator of Hello Kitty, Retsuko is an anthropomorphic red panda, 25 years old and single, who works in the accounting department of a Japanese trading firm. Facing constant frustration every day from pushy superiors and annoying co-workers, Retsuko lets out her emotions by going to a karaoke bar every night and singing death metal.

Castlevania Season 2

At long last, we finally get a release for the second season of Castlevania, the dark, gothic fantasy series based on the popular Castlevania series created by Koji Igarashi and Konami. The series is based on Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse and centers on Trevor Belmont, a disgraced member of the Belmont Clan, who must save a small European village from the tyranny of Count Vlad Tepes Dracula. Castlevania Season 2 premieres October 26.

Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle

The King of Monsters is back! Based on the franchise created by Toho, Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle is the second film in the Gozilla anime trilogy produced by Toho Productions and animated by Polygon Animation. The sequel shows the continuing battle between the last remnants of humanity and the Kaiju King himself. Godzilla: City of the Edge of Battle premieres July 18 on Netflix.


The first tokusatsu hero is back in an all-new anime series. The action drama centered around a man possessing the spirit and DNA of the legendary hero “Ultraman” as he wears a metallic ultra suit and fights against evil. The series is directed by Kenji Kamiyama and Shinji Aramaki and produced by Production I.G. in association with Sola Digital. Kenji Kamiyama and Production I.G. have been behind several anime series including Blood: The Last Vampire, Jin-Roh and the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex series. Ultraman is an Netflix original series set for launch in 2019.

Cannon Busters

Cannon Busters is based on the American comic book series of the same name created by LeSean Thomas. The show (also directed by Thomas) follows the adventures and exploits of S.A.M, a high-end friendship droid who’s joined by a quirky, discarded maintenance robot and a brash, deadly fugitive. Together, the unlikely trio embarks on an unforgettable journey in a fantastic and dangerous world in search of S.A.M’s best friend, the heir to a kingdom under siege. It will be no joke when Cannon Busters launches April 1, 2019.