Afro Samurai/Samurai Champloo Crossover Fan Film.. WOW!

How cool of an idea is this?!

Afro Samurai Champloo is an action adventure samurai short film about a selfish rogue warrior named Mugen, and his attempt to get rid of his broke lifestyle by killing Afro Samurai, the most wanted bounty in Japan. In the end, he learns to value the samurai code of honor rather than amassing a fortune.

This may be to one coolest anime-themed fan project to grace the internet in a while! The crews known as Team Red Pro, and Quirktastic have come together to take the two most hip-hop flavored anime characters from two of the most rap-soaked anime, and pit them against each other in a fan made short film. Just know that it’s not easy (or cheap) to put something of high quality together. This is where YOU step in. They need your help! The two crews can’t do this on their own financially. So they started an IndieGOGO.

Here’s the link to their IndieGOGO page:

Team Red Pro on YouTube…

Quirktastic on YouTube…