Black Tribbles + Blazing Saddles + Philly Fun = Christmas Tribblee!

TRIBBLE NATION, THIS IS FOR YOU! Celebrate the holidays with music, brew, chew and your Black Tribbles and win prizes doing it! HO-HO-HO as The Black Tribbles whip out the 1974 holiday classic BLAZING SADDLES SHARE A MERRY LAUGH and win a grab bag of prizes on the bawdy 70’s game show MATCH GAME with special host …

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Black Tribbles² talk Game of Thrones, Tonight @ 10pm EST

OOH ITS GETTING REALLY JUICY IN WESTEROS which, depending on your perspective, is not necessarily a good thing. But it is for Black Tribbles² as we keep bringing you THRONE OF TRIBBLES, Sunday April 21st 10pm on 900AM WURD – On Air, Online and In the Community! www.900amwurd.com

BLACK TRIBBLES²..Live geek radio…choose the best show of 2012! SUNDAY NIGHT!

Black Tribbles wants to know what YOU think is THE BEST TELEVISION OF 2012 on Sunday Dec 30 10pm EST on BLACK TRIBBLES² on 900AM WURD www.900amWURD.com; On Air, Online and In Community.