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16 year old wins Fortnite World Cup Championships!!

While most teenagers worry about passing a test or getting a date for the prom, there is one teenage boy who is concerned about how spend his newfound riches. Sixteen year old Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf has been crowned the grand prize winner of the Fortnite World Cup Championship, a title that comes with a check …

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Smash Bros 4 tournament in Philly’s Chinatown EVERY MONDAY???

      RSVP via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/674028489427781/ G Team presents SMASH 4 SINGLES WEEKLIES – Monday This will happen EVERY MONDAY. Time is set to 7 PM We will be following http://smashadelphia.com/rules/ ruling, with Mii fighters allowed and no stage bans for B05. SET UPS WILL BE FIRST COME FIRST SERVE, will be needing 4-5 set ups …

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Hearthstone tournament and after-party in Philly by G-Team!

ONE NIGHT IN GTEAM !! Its not just a party, its a great time at GTeam! Date : September 3rd Time : 1 PM EST End time depends on # of participants. Location : 1010 Cherry Street, Philadelphia PA 19107 Deck Format : Standard Tournament Format : Conquest Double Elimination Platform: Computers provided Registrations start …

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Overwatch Tournament in Philly’s Chinatown!!!

Join SirTurtleGaming and G.Team in Philly August 13th for a live Overwatch Tournament. Up to 8 teams will battle it out and be crowned Phillywatch Champions! Rules subject to change: Any suggestions for rule changes can be addressed to sirturtlegaming@gamil.com. FOR FULL RULES GO TO www.sirturtlegaming.com/ow-tournament-rules  Here are the basics Location: G.Team Philly. 1010 Cherry ST, …

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Ultra Street Fighter 4 Tournament at J1-Con! Cash Prizes!

  ENTRY FEE: $10.00 – Double Elimination (32 person entry cap) PRIZES: 1st Place = 70%, 2nd Place = 20%, 3rd Place = 10% of the Entry fee collection Ultra Version Characters ONLY For the full list of rules, go to the Gaming Page on the J1-Con website.  

Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Tournament at J1-Con! Cash Prizes!

  ENTRY FEE: $10.00 – Double Elimination (32 person entry cap) PRIZES: 1st Place = 70%, 2nd Place = 20%, 3rd Place = 10% of the Entry fee collection 3 out of 5 games for a match set in pools and semis. For the full list of rules, go to the Gaming Page on the J1-Con …

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Super Smash Bros. Melee Tournament at J1-Con! Cash Prizes!

In case you missed the update, we have changed the Project M tournament to a Super Smash Bros. Melee Tournament. Although we apologize to the Project M fans, we have made this change entirely because of the high level of Melee demands we’ve receiving through email and facebook. Ya’ll wanted it, now it’s here! Begin …

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament at J1-Con! Cash Prizes!

It’s TIME to D-D-D-D-DUEL!! Well.. not quite yet! Our upcoming J1-Con event will feature a Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game tournament. $5.00 Entry fee – Swiss Elimination. Of course, after the tournament, card gamers will be welcome to play against others freely in the game of their choice. Be it Vanguard, Duel Masters, Magic or Pokemon, bring …

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Super Smash Bros Invitational Tournament Lineup Video!

The June E3 2014 Super Smash Bros invitational tournament is upon us. Learn who will be competing and announcing, as well as the rules and the available characters.

All Female FILM/TV Tournament! Listen in, Thursday March 27th @ 9pm EST!

Thursday on Black Tribbles is the 3rd round of the All-Female Mega Ultra Awesome Tournament of Legend, this time it’s THE FILM/TV DIVISION! Power up Thurs @ 9p EST LIVE on www.GTOWNRADIO.com for Nerd Madness in March as only a Tribble can do it! To view the BRACKET click here: http://challonge.com/blacktribbles4 You can watch it advance LIVE tonight while …

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