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NEW DLC coming for Skullgirls – Annie of the Stars!

The last DLC character was Beowulf in 2015. Just when you thought it was dead, Autumn Games drops a surprise character trailer for Skullgirls 2nd Encore. Annie of the Stars is the newest addition to the game’s roster. Even a better surprise is that she will not be the only one. In the trailer below, …

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It’s Showtime!! Eliza takes the stage in Skullgirls Encore!!

Eliza is the latest character to be added to the Skullgirls Encore roster. She is an Egyptian-themed lounge singer who was blackmailed into working for the mafia. She is the host of the skeletal parasite Sekhmet. She is also accompanied by her two bodyguards, Albus and Horace. For those who don’t know, due to a …

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Cosplay Spotlight: Maki Roll

  Cosplayer. Blogger. Burlesque Dancer. Jack of (most) trades… Maki Roll, now in our COSPLAY SPOTLIGHT!!!!! Why do you cosplay? I cosplay because it’s a fun way to meet people who share my common interests and just have fun.  Going to conventions, dressing up as my favorite fictional characters; it’s like one weekend out of …

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