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Obi-Wan Kenobi forces Kakashi Hatake into DEATH BATTLE!!

The force is strong in this DEATH BATTLE. Two of pop culture’s favorite mentors go toe-to-toe in this fight to see who is the greatest teacher. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi master and mentor to the Skywalker family, takes on Kakashi Hatake, Copy Ninja of the Hidden Leaf and mentor of Seventh Hokage Naruto Uzumaki. Who will …

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Death Battle Season 7 premiere will be shocking!!

Wiz and Boomstick are back for another season of Death Battle. The seventh season premiere is electrifying with Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales, taking on DC Comics human generator, Static Shock. Which one of these super-charged teen heroes will shine brightly? Find out in DEATH BATTLE!! Check out more DEATH BATTLE at RoosterTeeth.com!!

Secrets are revealed! RWBY Volume 6 Ep.3 Recap!!

Qrow: “Look. It’s a review. It’s got spoilers. You know the drill.” What is Ozpin hiding from us? That is the question Ruby Rose asked Jinn, the Spirit of Knowledge that dwells within the relic that was found in Haven, in the second episode last week. After that fall of Beacon and the rise of …

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This is the day we waited for!! RWBY Volume 6 Review!!

Ruby: “Hey, be careful of spoilers, okay?!” Weapons ready and mustache wax stowed! RWBY is back with a sixth season that is looks to be as impressive as ever. Once again, we catch up with Team RWBY and the remaining members of Team JNPR after their confrontation with Cinder Fall in Haven and Blake dealing …

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Monty Oum, Creator of RWBY, Passes Away

It’s with a heavy heart I bring the news that an amazing animator passes from our midst today. Monty Oum (33) passed away on the 1st of February due to unforeseen complications in a simple surgery, that caused him to have an allergic reaction and go into a coma-like state on the 23rd of January. …

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RWBY Volume 2 Intro!

Kickbutt music? Awesome female leads? And animation that could make you question how good Square Enix’s style is? You’re probably thinking of RWBY, just like I am. Created by Miles Luna, Monty Oum, and Kerry Shawcross, this show is one amazing mammajama, and more than worth the wait. And today, RWBY Volume 2’s official intro …

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