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NMC reviews our book Super Bounty J1 #1…!

We got ourselves another review, but this time it’s Super Bounty J1 #1, the first comic based on our mascot J1. Rumor has it he’s going to review every book in our catalog! To check out the review you can click here: http://nelomaxwell.blogspot.com/2013/04/bounty-hunter-j1-review.html?spref=fb Don’t forget to comment on the review when you get there!

Guest Review: Saga #11

Saga #11 Review Guest Reviewed By Rachaun Rogers. This week Brian K.Vaughn dropped a jewel on the comic book world called “The Private Eye” an independently released digital release comic. Then Image on Wednesday released his and Fiona Staples’ book about star-crossed lovers Marco and Alana, being chased across the stars, with their baby Hazel. …

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Guest Review: Invincible #101

Invincible # 101 Reviewed By Special Guest Rachaun Rogers. Mark/Invincible’s world and the planet Earth have been turned Completely upside down as per the events of issue 100 and now for the Fallout. I want to start off by saying that I love this series. I love that it exists almost as an anti-superhero/superhero sitcom …

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Check out The Broken Infinite!!

The Broken Infinite crew provide reviews and news to those who are fans of Super Sentai and comic books. they even have their own novels to read as well as podcasts, right on the site! These folks know there stuff! So check them out here: http://thebrokeninfinite.blogspot.com/

Check out our friends at Video Game Console Junkies!

The folks at VGCJ (Video Game Console Junkies) are a group that provide info on all things coming to the consoles. We are talking PS3, Xbox360, Wii, and PC. Check them out! Support us and support them! Find them HERE: http://vgconsolejunkies.com or find them in our LINKS section!

Quick Comic Reviews: Mostly Marvel Edition

My reviews have been admittedly light on Marvel books, generally a couple a week. This week, with the exception of my new “Pick o’ the Week,” they will all be Marvel. Suffer as I have suffered, and thank Axel Alonso for the good… and the bad. Pick o’ the Week: National Comics: Eternity: This one-shot …

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Quick reviews of comics out 7/19/2012

I really do read too many comic books. Last week, I even read Deathstroke and Grifter, despite the fact that I loathe, detest, despise, abhor and otherwise dislike Rob Liefeld. So this week, again, let’s try doing micro-reviews–just a sentence or two on various titles. And this time, they’re not in alphabetical order, so suffer. …

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Time for your comic reviews!

This week, some of these reviews will be short. Very short. As in, a sentence or two. Sometimes you don’t really need to say much about a book. Plus, Scott Snyder is just too good for his own good, so I’m going to stop praising him effusively.   AvX Vs. #4: Why? When a book …

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Comic reviews: Aquaman, Before Watchman, X-Men Legacy and more!

  American Vampire #28 Once in a while, I would like to see Scott Snyder fail. It is disheartening when a writer cannot fail, and that seems to be Snyder’s big problem. He is rejoined by artist Rafael Albuquerque for the start of a new storyline in one of Vertigo’s best titles, reuniting Skinner Sweet …

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DC Adding More Titles Come September

Brand new DCU's TEAM 7

Although DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio emphasized just last month that his goal is to keep the core DC Universe line at 52 titles, with new books introduced only after others are canceled, this morning’s official announcement of four series debuts alongside the September “Zero Month” initiative will push the count past that magic number. …

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