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“Endgame” star could replace Johnny Depp in “Pirates” reboot!!

There could be trouble on the high seas as Disney has their eyes set on a new lead in the ongoing Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. As Johnny Depp is about to set sail from the franchise, it is time for a new era of piracy to begin. Karen Gillan, who plays Ruby Roundhouse in …

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“Pirates of the Caribbean” to sail on without Captain Jack!!

Disney is ready to set sail again with a planned reboot of their Pirates of the Caribbean franchise with on crucial detail – they’re doing it without Captain Jack Sparrow. According to original screenwriter Stuart Beattie, Johnny Depp will likely not return as everyone’s favorite pirate. In his latest interview, Beattie has neither confirmed nor …

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Rock the Caribbean!!

He’s back, metal heads! Eric Calderone shreds it up with heavy metal take on the Pirates of the Caribbean theme!! Crank to 11 and ROCK OUT, YOU SCALLYWAGS!!