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Time Warp Review!! The Legend of Zelda 30th Anniversary!! Pt.1!

A little over thirty years ago, Nintendo single-handedly rescued the console gaming market from the brink with its action title Super Mario Bros. which became an instant hit. Creator Shigeru Miyamoto, along with Takashi Tezuka, wanted to take the idea of a game “world” even further, giving players a “miniature garden that they can put …

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Liberation Maiden review! SUDA 51 makes a 3DS game????

Liberation Maiden Developer(s): Level 5/SUDA 51 Publisher(s): Nintendo Nintendo
Platform(s): 3DS eShop Genre(s): Action Sci-Fi Shooter Release: Out Now Rating: T for Teen Guest Review by Marc Carter When Japan decides to elect a high school girl as President, best to believe all hell will break lose! And it has as Shoko Ozora hops into her …

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Nintendo through History: The Remix

An incredible mash-up of Nintendo games through history. Everything from NES to Wii. Brought to you by Reverse Enginears, a digital creative agency that specializes in A/V re-sequencing.