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Xeo Nexus Episode 1: Guardian Chapter 5!!

For the preceding chapters of Xeo Nexus, click the following: Chapter 1, Chapter 2&3, Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Soon the bus stops a couple blocks from Theodore Roosevelt High School.  Brayden exits the bus with the passengers giving him the same awe-inspiring looks they did after witnessing his marathon bus chase earlier.  The doors close …

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XeoNexus Episode 1: Guardian Chapter 2 & 3!!

For the preceding chapter, click here – XeoNexus Episode 1: Guardian Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Not very far from the field where Brayden is laying a car drives up to a pleasant looking suburban home.  It pulls into the driveway and the engine quietly shuts off.  The driver side door opens and a black umbrella …

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