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Pinky Pie cheers her way into DEATH BATTLE!!

Uhh….so yeah. This is happening. Ponyland’s resident party animal is coming to Death Battle!! Pinky Pie is highly energetic, super friendly and loves nothing more than throw the biggest parties around! Is she ready to mix it up with the Merc with the Mouth?!

Black Tribbles are curious about Bronies! LIVE 01/22 @ 9pm EST

Join the Black Tribbles in a discussion about BRONIES and likes of a kind that they don’t understand…but really want to. THURSDAY JAN 22nd 9pm ET on GTOWNRADIO.com LISTEN HERE LIVE: http://www.gtownradio.com CALL IN AT: (215) 609-4301    

J1 Studios’ BronyCon 2014 Recap Video

Now that’s how you cosplay as Trixie! To all the bronies still getting over your post-con depression, we hope our BronyCon 2014 Recap video can warm you up a bit! Watch as we take you through the convention center, into the traveling pony museum, show you the best of the vendor area, into the madness …

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