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Let Hatsune Miku welcome you home with Gatebox’s virtual home robot!!

Ever wanted Hatsune Miku greet you when you came home after a hard day of work? Well, that is about to happen. Gatebox is read to unveil their new “Hologram Communication Robot” featuring the virtual pop star herself, Hatsune Miku. Gatebox revealed their first character, “house wife” Azuma Hikari last year. The function of the …

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The HOLHO – iPhone & iPad Hologram Projection

The HOLHO Collection will turn your smartphones and tablets into holographic displays with hundreds of moving holographic objects to choose from. It’s not a done deal yet. The kickstarter page is doing fairly well, with 11.5K+ out of the 30K they’re asking for. You can see more videos and get more information on the kickstarter …

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