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READ Mega Ran: Random Lyricism page 21… Who is that?

England VS India! A new challenger appeared! Mega Ran and crew are watching the battle and even they think that Daj M. Ahl is really putting a hurting on E-Shocka pretty bad. When things couldn’t get uncomfortable, up pops Mega Ran’s opponent for his next fight! What is this going to lead to, and what kind …

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Super Bounty J1 graphic novel REBOOT coming soon!!

She’s coming back folks! The internationally beloved bounty hunter will have a slew of new web comics coming this Fall starting in September! You will get the main story of the new graphic novel series done by yours truly, Jason Richardson. There will also be a collection of short stories outside of the main story …

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Silver page 4…. a moment.

Today’s visit with Valencia is different from all the others. A sudden change in the atmosphere follows Armel. What does he have in stored for our young goddess? Go check out page 4 of Silver RIGHT HERE or Click on COMICS at the top to find it!

New comic series “Silver” coming to J1 Studios!!

That’s right, a new series is on its way to the J1 stage! All that we can tell you about it is its name, Silver. Feels like it could be a fantasy themed story by the way that the logo looks. I mean look there’s a fox head, it’s silver, it seems to have a …

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