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Yes, they never stopped playing!! G4 returns in 2021!!

Geeks! Players! Pipe up your fandom! The classic hub for all things gaming is making a comeback. The official Twitter accounts for Attack of the Show, X-Play and G4tv posted a teaser trailer revealing G4’s return in 2021. This announcement is much needed now in a time where the gaming community has grown from underground …

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PlayStation 4 hits an incredible milestone – 100 million units sold worldwide!!

The verdict is in! PlayStation 4 has topped the console charts by selling a whopping 100 million units worldwide as of June 30, 2019. Sony’s Q1 fiscal year 2019 report indicates that 3.2 million units were sold since April 2019, bringing the grand total from 96.8 million units to the 100 million mark. The 3.2 …

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