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Free! swims again in an all-new feature film!!

After being sidelined by the deadly arson attack last July, Kyoto Animation’s Free! is making a comeback in an all-new animated film! The key visual and teaser trailer were revealed at an event held on August 15 and gives us a look who might be hitting the pool in the next big swim event. Kyoto …

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Funimation adds Fairy Tale: Dragon Cry, Free! and live action Tokyo Ghoul films!!

Funimation announced on Monday they have added Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry to their anime lineup. They have also added the four Free! films (High Speed! Free – Starting Days, Free! The Movie – Timeless Medley – The Bond, Free! The Movie – Timeless Medley – The Promise, Free! – Take Your Marks) and the live …

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WIN FREE tickets to see the Distant Worlds: Final Fantasy Orchestra performance in NJ!

Distant Worlds: music from FINAL FANTASY Tri-State Marathon! RIKKI Distant Worlds Debut! A two-concert marathon of FINAL FANTASY masterpieces, showcasing breathtaking HD video, full orchestra, with special guests Rikki (North American debut), Susan Calloway and master composer Nobuo Uematsu. New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Newark, NJ Distant Worlds Philharmonic Orchestra January 31, 2015 3:00 PM …

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The J1 Studios Video Game Remix Albums have over 400,000 VIEWS!

Over 400,000 views? Talk about true fan love. This is an awesome moment for not just J1 Studios, but for the J1 Studios Sound Team. I’m proud to have this crew in the J1 Studios family. Great job guys! If you haven’t heard any of the albums, know that they are FREE and all you …

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Sys2matik Ovrl0ad has a FREE LIVE SHOW 4/25/14!

This band has not only performed at EVERY J1 Music Fest, but they are also adding music to the official soundtracks of Angel Savior as well as other projects (that we cannot mention at this time). What’s super cool is that Sys2matik Ovrl0ad will be putting together a FREE live show on South Street in Philadelphia …

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Get SUPERCHARGER from NI! Free Until December 31st

Producers, sound engineers, podcasters, listen up! If you haven’t claimed your free copy of Native Instruments’ new software tube compressor, do so now! The deal ends on December 31st and it will appear in their store at $49.00 afterwards. Click here to get yours now

Our very own Forrest Fire featured on OC Remix!!

“We’re a long ways from October, but I could see this being a great Halloween track – with the disquieting pauses between soft & loud and the unexpected textures at every turn, it’s rather like a haunted house itself. Great debut from Forrest Fire – looking forward to hearing more” “….newcomer Forrest Shamlian rocks more than …

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Just Tactics – A Tabletop Throwback…Check it out!

Version 1.0.0 of Just Tactics is now available.  The developer of Just Tactics, Hit the Sticks LLC, is hyping the launch by doing an awesome promotion.  When Just Tactics reaches 200,000 paid players, they are going to give 100.00 USD to each of their first 10,000 paid players.  10,000 players x 100.00 USD = 1,000,000.00 …

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Dj CUTMAN Free Compilation Album!!! Limited Time Only!!!

  This was just announced today. Dj CUTMAN has released a compilation album on his GameChops site. The best thing about it is that it’s a free download FOR TODAY ONLY!!! So click on the link below to get a free copy of the album because after today, you gotta pay for it. Click on …

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Fontstruct: Build your own fonts free!

FontStruct is a free font-building tool sponsored by the world’s leading retailer of digital type, FontShop. FontStruct lets you quickly and easily create fonts constructed out of geometrical shapes, which are arranged in a grid pattern, using the ‘FontStructor’ font editor. Once you’re done building, FontStruct generates high-quality TrueType fonts, ready to use in any Mac or Windows application. You can …

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