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World’s first eSports campus is coming to Philadelphia!!

What is happening, Gamers and Gamettes! This is DevilDriver1313 with exciting news for my fellow Philly residents. The City of Brotherly Love is getting the world’s first eSports campus constructed right here in our city. The 40,000 square foot campus will be located in the Terminal Commerce Building at 401 North Broad Street in the …

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6 of the Most Interesting Trends Happening in eSports Right Now!

The Internet has transformed the gaming landscape, and there is no turning back. Reminiscing on the glory days of the Nintendo Entertainment System, which gained massive popularity in 1980s, it is hard for some gamers to imagine an offline experience. However, despite the limited technology that was available at the time, people still developed an …

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Overwatch League arena coming to Philadelphia!!

There is no doubt that eSports is gaining ground in bringing the world of gaming to the masses and showing people just how much fun playing video games is. Arenas to hold these competitions are coming up everywhere and one will be coming soon to Philadelphia. Comcast Spectator has revealed plans to build a new …

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