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SHADOW: Dream Journal App

From the uncrate website: “Because you forget so much of what you dream almost instantly, at some point in your life you’ve probably thought it would be a worthwhile pursuit to maintain a journal full of your crazy shut-eye antics. Shadow ($8) takes the idea of a dream journal, and expands on it, making it into a …

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J1 Studios at Otakon 2013 (Table #P04) with Otakon EXCLUSIVES!

J1 Studios will be located at Table #P04 in the Artist’s Alley!  What we will have at our table: – Angel Savior: Beta Collection (never before seen art inside) – Super Bounty J1 #1 (never before seen art inside) – Lime Rind: The Rogue Samurai #1 – Defenders: Guardian Volume 1 (awesome novel) All of these albums will have special unreleased …

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The Science of Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming. Taking control of your dreams. You’ve heard of it, you may have experienced it, or you may not feel you even dream at all. Here are some interesting tips on how you can work toward this phenomenon. Personally, as bizzarre as some dreams may be, I don’t think I’ve ever been fully in …

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