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Meet the Black Tribbles for geek talk at Wizard World Philly!

The geek talk radio show, Black Tribbles will be walking around Wizard World Philly today taking pictures and geeking out with everyone, but on Saturday and Sunday at Booth 1518 the Tribbles will be looking for geeks of all walks of life to do video interviews to find out what was the thing that set …

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“Avengers 2” villian announced and other big reveals from Marvel!!

The announcement about Batman and Superman teaming up for a future was well received but comic fans rejoiced at the announcement of the next baddie for the “Avengers” sequel. At the end of last year’s “Third Highest Grossing Film of All Time”, we got a treat at seeing Thanos mid way thought the credits. Over …

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The Merc with the Mouth is getting his own game!!

Yup, Marvel’s popular antihero is being in his place–his own game. Shoulda saw this coming considering one of Deadpool’s victory scenes in UMvC3 is him begging from his own game. At San Diego’s Comic-Con, Activision revealed that they will be working on several Marvel games, but the real meat was the annoucement that High Moon …

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