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Volume III from Dj CUTMAN is here!!!

Dj CUTMAN is back with a new album, titled Volume III. The album is a collection of his best work from 2012 – 2015, each track merticulously reworked and remastered, from games like Animal Crossing, Bravely Default, Mario, Zelda, Shovel Knight and more. The album is available on Dj CUTMAN’s bandcamp page, where you can download it …

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OLDSTYLE: The Baroque Remix Project

In the 17th and 18th centuries, musical composers like Vivaldi and Bach rocked the dance halls with their keys and pedal drops. Though they were popular composers in their times, today, the genius of their music is seldom heard by todays youth. With changing times, it would take a great electronic force to recreate the …

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Week 6 of Double Up Wednesday – With A Bang!!

It’s the 6th week of Double Up Wednesday and both producers have a new track for everyone to listen to. On Artistik Beatz’s page, he released a new track titled Lost City and on Shinigami’s side, he released Heart Under Sword, a beat based off of Revenge Of Shinobi. Take a listen!!! This is the last week of Double Up Wednesday for …

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Week 5 of Double Up! Wednesday – Back 2 The Beats

It’s the fifth week of Double Up Wednesday and as always, there’s new material to listen to from both artists. On Artistik Beatz page, he released a new track titled “Poetik Storm. On Shinigami (Ray Riley) page, he’s releasing a new track titled Dreamland Ain’t Far. Check out the playlist below!!

Week 4 of Double Up Wednesday – 4 Weeks Down!!!

It’s the fourth week of Double Up Wednesday and as always, there’s new material to listen to from both artists. On Artistik Beatz page, he released a new track titled “For The Money”. On Shinigami (Ray Riley) page, he’s releasing a new track titled Something From My Fantasy. Check out the playlist below!!!     Listen, like, and leave a …

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Week 2 Of Double Up Wednesday is bringing back that classic Boom-Bap!!!

The second week of Double Up Wednesday is here!!! This week, Shinigami (Ray Riley) and Artistik Beatz decided to take it back to a more classic hip-hop sound this week. Artistik Beatz dropped his UK Boom-Bap track while Shinigami paid homage to one of his favorite anime movies with his track, Doll Eyes. Take a listen. …

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And It Begins!!! Week 1 of Double Up Wednesday is here!!!

  It’s the first week of Double Up! Wednesday, everyone! For those who haven’t heard, Double Up! Wednesday is a weekly initiative where Shinigami (Ray Riley) of the J1 Sound Team and Artistik Beatz (the two producers behind Journey Thru The Jungle) will be releasing a new tune each week. So what’s on the line-up …

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Feng Fatale – New Single From J1 Sound Team

Feng Fatale is the first single off of the upcoming Street Fighter remix project between Shinigami (Ray Riley) of the J1 Sound Team and fellow producer Artistik Beatz. To check out the fresh track from their upcoming project, click HERE or click on the Miscellaneous Music link in the Music Tab!

READ Mega Ran: Random Lyricism page 23… Girl fight!!

England VS India! Looks like the fight is still going on, but it seems other fights are jumping off! The crew has been watching Daj M. Ahl go against E-Shocka, but with Melody Carter (M.C.) not liking how Jessi Maraj is “trying” to get under Mega Ran’s skin. It about to be on! Forget the …

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Soundscapes Vol. 1 – New Album from K-Murdock!!!

  Freshly released from producer K-Murdock is Soundscapes Vol. 1. Soundscapes is a new Instrumental Series by K-Murdock and to kick it off, he wanted to fulfill one of the fan’s top requests – release the unreleased instrumentals to Panacea’s albums! You can download the album off of K-Murdock’s Bandcamp page by clicking on the link …

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