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Larry Kenney, the voice of Lion-O from Thundercats on Black Tribbles! LIVE! TONIGHT!

Tonight on BLACK TRIBBLES SQUARED 10pm LIVE on 900AM WURD, The Tribbles say farewell to their progressive radio home in style with an interview with voice actor extraordinaire Larry Kenney, the man behind the growl of LION-O of the Thundercats, the cocoa goodness of Count Chocula and the woo-hoo looniness of Sonny the Cuckoo Bird of Cocoa Puffs! Plus …

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Black Tribbles discuss Walking Dead, Arrow, & The Flash. LIVE 10/19 @ 10pm EST

DEAD TRIBBLES TALKING continues in fulll Carol-Is-A-G mode and ARROWHEADS gets crowded out by…FLASHERS! Comic book TV reviewing at its finest Sunday 10/19 10pm ET LIVE on BLACK TRIBBLES SQUARED on Philly radio 900AM WURD www.900amWURD.com LISTEN HERE LIVE: 900amWURD.com CALL IN AT: 866-361-0900

Black Tribbles talk Game of Thrones tonight after the show. 10pm EST

The halfway point of HBO’s Game of Thrones has been passed which means its full speed ahead toward another exhilarating finale and THRONE OF TRIBBLES is right there, with special fan/guest Michael Lehane aka Ultra Tribble in tow! Tonight on BLACK TRIBBLES 10pm EST LIVE on 900AM WURD – On Air, ONline and In The …

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Black Tribbles²: Author MAURICE POPLAR tonight @ 10pm EST

Mary Shelley wrote the novel Frankenstein in a competition with other writers of her day and is considered one of the first true science fiction tales. Author MAURICE POPLAR has intriguing thoughts about the origin of the Original Zombie and we’ll explore them Sunday 10pm EST on Black Tribbles² on 900AM WURD – On Air, Online and In …

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Black Tribbles²: Politics of race and representation in black comics TONIGHT @ 10pm EST

Sunday Dec 8th @ 10pm EST on Black Tribbles² we look at THE POLITICS OF RACE AND REPRESENTATION IN BLACK COMICS with Sheena C. Howard, Ph.D.; MUST HEAR RADIO on www.900amWURD.com – On Air, Online and In Your Community.

Black Tribbles²talk The Walking Dead mid-season finale

Watch The Walking Dead mid-season finale on Sunday Dec 1st @ 9pm on AMC-tv then switch immediately to Black Tribbles² for the mid-season wrap-up on DEAD TRIBBLES TALKING on Philly radio 900AM WURD and www.900amWURD.com TONIGHT @ 10pm EST 

Black Tribbles²: DEAD TRIBBLES TALKING tonight @ 10pm EST LIVE!

Two episodes in and Season 4 of The Walking Dead is already BANGING! Tell us what you think after episode 3 on Sunday Oct 27th @ 10p on Black Tribbles² as we be DEAD TRIBBLES TALKING on www.900amWURD.com – On Air, Online and In Your Community.

Black Tribbles²: 101 Best Written TV Series Ever.

The Writer’s Guild of America has named the 101 Best Written TV Series Ever…how many do you think Kennedy aka Storm Tribble will like? It could get pretty sloppy @ 900AM WURD when the Black Tribbles make a drinking game out of their resident damsel’s predilections! Tune in and drink up Sunday 10pm EST on Black Tribbles²

Black Tribbles² radio: Top 10 CHARACTERS OF SCI-FI TV. TONIGHT @ 10pmEST

Black Tribbles² presents THE TOP TEN CHARACTERS OF SCI-FI TV, Sunday Aug 18th 10PM EST on 900am WURD on Philly radio dials and www.900amWURD.com worldwide!  

Black Tribbles² talk Game of Thrones, Tonight @ 10pm EST

OOH ITS GETTING REALLY JUICY IN WESTEROS which, depending on your perspective, is not necessarily a good thing. But it is for Black Tribbles² as we keep bringing you THRONE OF TRIBBLES, Sunday April 21st 10pm on 900AM WURD – On Air, Online and In the Community! www.900amwurd.com