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(Not so) Happy Reunion!! Supernatural S8 Ep17 Recap!!

*WARNING-POSSESSED WITH SPOILERS!!* Castiel attacks and kills Dean in a simulated scenario conducted by Naomi. Dean is looking through the Men of Letters’ belongings while Sam searches for their next case where they learn about a series of murders where the victims’ eyes were burned out and their organs liquefied. While Sam gathers their gear, …

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The Price of Love!! The Following Ep9 Recap!!

*WARNING-SPOILERS!!* Hardy and Parker arrive at the restaurant where a woman is killed. There, he is given the message of “love hurts.” The lady who was killed shares the same name as Claire Matthews. Ryan suspects that Joe is targeting women with his wife’s name. Hardy and Parker coordinate with police authorities to locate and …

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A new face and Weston’s courage!! The Following Ep8 Recap!!

Working for the FBI can be frustrating, especially when a prisoner escapes your custody…twice…in a row. With Joe Carroll’s second escape, the FBI appoints a new director named Nick Donovan, who is a tough as nails, by-the-book agent that followers orders to the letter. In other words, he’s a total douche. Ryan Hardy readily thinks …

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