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Black Friday’s Best Deals in Music

GET THESE DEALS WHILE THEY LAST!! Whether you enjoy listening to awesome music, or creating it, here are some deals that are hard to pass up! take advantage of them before this friday is over! Lets Start with the Mp3s: Today only, our beloved DJ Cutman is practically giving away all of his albums at …

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Last chance! Help Dj CUTMAN & Mega Ran get into the Halo 4 commercial!

Dj CUTMAN and Mega Ran did a Halo 4 remix. I think it’s pretty dope. Peep it and hit FAVORITE so that they can win the Halo 4 remix contest and get put into a commercial! The more FAVORITES they get, the better chances they have to win! They are reaching up the ladder and happen to be …

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New version of Traktor. More colors. More tracks?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Lh8ZvRzZcPg It’s been a little less than two years since Native instruments released their 4 Channel DJ Mixer, the Traktor S4, and just today NI has released a video of the newest model. What seems to be any different about this model from the last? Colored lights. If you’ve been following NI’s newest product line, …

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Legend of Zelda, an animated remix

  CLICK HERE TO WATCH Just released today on Newgrounds.com, this trippy pixelated music video will definitely have you feeling some nostalgia toward your past adventuring days with Link. Music produced by SUROCK. http://www.myspace.com/surock 

Rob Zombie dubstepped?!

Rob Zombie is known for his creative vision be it in movies or music and what he creates usually ends up being a masterpiece. And this latest creation is no different. Rob has remixed songs before such as the Commodores’ “Brickhouse” and Ramones’ “Blitzering Bop”, both of which appear on the 2003 album “Past, Present, …

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Inverse Phase: Chiptune Hits and Originals

After meeting him at his booth in the Otakon game room, I have found new respect in the art of Chiptune Remixing. Inverse Phase covers music from 80’s titles such as “Eye of the Tiger” and “Send me an angel”, to todays hits from artists Weezer and Trent Reznor. He’s even done a whole 8-Bit …

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Endless [Sideways 8 Remix] Has Reached Maximum Capacity!!!

Jst as the title says, the Endless [Sideways 8 Remix] created by the J1 Sond Team has reached maximum download capacity. It seems that the track has gotten so popular that users are unable to download the single. That’s crazy!!! Check out the song for yourself!!! Check out more music from the J1 Sound Team …

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