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Lime Rind #2 page 7…. Party time!!!

Well it seems that our adventurer, Lime RInd is now in the midst of a super chic sheep party! What could be in store for her when she gets into the festivities? Check out page 7 of Lime Rind: The Rogue Samurai #2 by either clicking HERE or by just going to the COMICS section of …

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Lime Rind #2 page 6… More than meet cat eyes!

Lime Rind is on the mountain top. What will she do next? How will she sneak by the Space Sheep? What’s in the warehouse? Check out page 6 of Lime Rind: The Rogue Samurai #2.

Lime Rind is back with the first 5 pages of issue #2!!!!

Lime Rind #2 is up and it’s up to page 5 with a revised page 4 and an official COVER!  All you have todo to get wrapped up into world of Space sheep, cats and cacti just click HERE or go to the COMICS section of the site. Now this a superb cover!!! WOW!!!!

A new Super Bounty J1 spin-off?? COOL!!

Yup you read it right sucka! Super Bounty J1 is back! This time we have an awesome set of short “Side Missions” that go by that very same name, produced by the one and only Kate K. Milo of “Lime Rind” fame. Click HERE to check it out or go to the comics section to …

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Lime Rind #1 is on the site to read! Go to it!!!

A house cat that becomes a samurai, space sheep, evil door-to-door salesman, and a cactus that turns into a triangle-throwing hot girl! Where can you find this you say? Well right here under the title “Lime RInd: The Rogue Samurai”. Click Here or just go to the COMICS section of the site.