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NEW RWBY manga series coming this Fall!!

Do you want more RWBY? Viz Media had announced that RWBY will appear in a new manga series created by Bunta Kinami that will be published in Weekly Shonen Jump this Fall. Announcement: New RWBY manga by BUNTA KINAMI is coming to Shonen Jump this Fall. #RWBY pic.twitter.com/PQiA08Q4bz — VIZ (@VIZMedia) October 6, 2018 The …

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Yugi Motou brings the heart of the cards to Jump Force!!

It’s time to D-D-D-D-DUEL!! Yugi Motou and his faithful cards are ready for the greatest duel ever with the fate of the world hanging in the balance. Watch as the King of Games summons his most powerful creatures to aid him in this fight and vanquish evil. Jump Force launches for PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows …

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Yusuke, Toguro, Killua and Kurapika have joined the playable roster of JUMP FORCE!

Watch as Yusuke, Toguro, Killua and Kurapika battle it out in front of the Himeji Castle, a new arena from the real-world, and one of the most famous Japanese landmarks. The battle that started in their world concludes in ours. Unite to fight when JUMP FORCE launches for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows …

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Live action “Bleach” movie coming to Netflix in September!!

It was just over a month ago that the live action movie of Tite Kubo’s “Bleach” manga hit Japanese theaters on July 20. Just like with the live adaptions of “Fullmetal Alchemist” and “Kakegurui”, Netflix has snatched up the film and added to its lineup. The live action Bleach movie, featuring Sota Fukushi as Ichigo …

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Watch Rukia, Aizen and Ichigo tear it up in new Jump Force trailer!!

We already knew they were coming, now we get to see a little teaser of Rukia Kuchiki, Sosuke Aizen and Ichigo Kurosaki as they battle it out in the latest trailer for Jump Force, the upcoming crossover fighting game featuring Shonen Jump characters. Unite to fight in 2019!

Rukia and Aizen announced to appear in “Jump Force!!”

The incredible crossover title from Bandai Namco just got a major boost in spiritual pressure. According to the 31st issue of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, Rukia Kuchiki and Sosuke Aizen will be playable characters in the upcoming “Jump Force” game. Along with Ichigo Kurosaki, they will be featured in the game wearing their “Thousand Year …

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White Beard’s might is captured beautifully in highly detailed statue!!

The strongest pirate in the world makes for the mightiest of statues! Megahouse adds Edward Newgate, aka White Beard, to their “Portrait.Of.Pirates One Piece NEO-MAXIMUM” collection. The 300 mm statue is incredibly detailed, capturing the mighty pirate as he departs to the Battle of Marineford. This statue is available for pre-order select Japanese retailers (Megatrea …

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“Hellboy” publisher is working on Gantz: G manga!!

Dark Horse Comics, the publishing company behind “Hellboy”, “The Mask”, and Frank Miller’s “Sin City”, is tackling the project of releasing Hiroya Oku and Keita Iizuka’s Gantz G spinoff manga. The manga was featured in Shueisha’s Miracle Jump in November 2015 and ended in Shonen Jump after Miracle Jump ceased publication. The third and final …

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New serializations from “Naruto” and “Bleach” creators is under way!!

After ending their series respectively in 2014 (Naruto) and 2016 (Bleach), Masashi Kushimoto and Tite Kubo are currently working on brand new manga serializations. This news was announced by Weekly Shonen Jump’s editor in chief Hiroyuki Nakano at a press conference for the magazine to reveal new upcoming works. Details of both projects is expected …

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NEW King of Fighters manga for 2018!!

It’s humble beginnings in 2018. SNK’s long running fighting game series is getting a new manga adaption for the new year. Titled “King of Fighters – A New Beginning”, it will feature fan favorites Iori Yagami and Kyo Kusanagi and illustrated by Kyoutarou Azuma. The first chapter is currently available on Kodansha’s Magazine Pocket digital …

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