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The New Open World Zelda Game Looks Great!

GTA V Hyrule Edition is scheduled for 2015. Video here: My one question: Whats up with that bow!?

The Legend of Zelda + Dynasty Warriors = Hyrule Warriors

So plain and simple it goes like this: The people behind the Dynasty Warrior series, Tecmo Koei and Nintendo are coming together to create a Legend of Zelda game that’s going to play like the Dynasty Warrior games. It’s been stated that this is not the next installment to the Legend of Zelda series but a stand alone …

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GameChops: Meow Meow and Bow Wow Review

It’s no news that Dj CUTMAN and Spamtron recently released a new LoZ themed remix album, but I finally made time to listen to the whole thing through and the following is my review. In my younger years, I had copies of LoZ: Oracle of Ages, and LoZ: Oracle of Seasons, but never Links Awakening. …

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Legend of Zelda, an animated remix

  CLICK HERE TO WATCH Just released today on Newgrounds.com, this trippy pixelated music video will definitely have you feeling some nostalgia toward your past adventuring days with Link. Music produced by SUROCK. http://www.myspace.com/surock