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Angel Savior #3 page 20… um… RUN!!!

Well we just saw Masad finally go into Advent Masad mode and HANDLE Animus with that crazy ground pound special move to the guts! But it looks like Advent Masad is turning his rage towards someone else.  He’s looking mad crazy!! I can see that whole “Angel of Death” presence being a problem. RUUUNNNN! To find out, …

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Angel Savior #3 page 19…. Just look for yourself!

You knew something was coming! I mean come on, Animus embarrassed Masad to the point where he snaps! I’m not going to get into it too much but this is probably the most OOOH moment in the whole comic series. Where is this going? JUST READ IT!! To find out, read PAGE 19 by CLICKING HERE or by …

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Final page of the very first Super Bounty J1: Secret Mission short story!

It’s getting crazy! Lightning from her gloves?? I didn’t know J1 could do that! Kate K. Milo is really showing us a fun time with her spin on the SBJ1 universe. Check out the conclusion of this crazy adventure! What is in the secret box? Click HERE to read the next page OR just click …

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Lime Rind: The Rogue Samurai #2 page 8…. READ IT! meow.

SAMURAI FANS!!  Lime Rind has just encountered creepy crawlies in the dark!  What is she going to do?  What are we going to do!?!  You’re going to click on the link to read what happens!  MEOW!  =O.O= Click HERE to read it , or just go to the COMICS section and look into Lime Rind: …

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Angel Savior #3 page 17!!! Masad’s new form!!!

Masad has already been smacked around, but when Animus talked about torturing Lisa… ROOAAARRR!!!! Remember in the 1st issue there was a “dark” version of Masad that was talking to Jason in his “dream”? Well guess who came to dinner? So go right on and read up! You can CLICK HERE or just go to the COMICS …

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The first 15 pages of Angel Savior #3 is waiting for you to read!

Yup! Real talk son! We are giving you the first 15 pages of Angel Savior #3! How crazy is that? I know, I know. We have obviously lost our minds but for those who have been fans for a long time know we weren’t too far off from that page count when we had the …

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Lime Rind is back with the first 5 pages of issue #2!!!!

Lime Rind #2 is up and it’s up to page 5 with a revised page 4 and an official COVER!  All you have todo to get wrapped up into world of Space sheep, cats and cacti just click HERE or go to the COMICS section of the site. Now this a superb cover!!! WOW!!!!

Read Angel Savior #2 for FREE right HERE!!

It’s back up y’all!! Angel Savior #2 is up and alive! Check out what happens after Jason hears about Helsyn (Satan), and his plan for Lisa, Jason’s girlfriend. Will he get to her in time and how is he going to keep his true identity secret? Someone DIES!!! Find out who! Go to the COMICS …

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