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Elektra vs Psylocke! A live action fan-made short film of epicness!

With both of them completely new to directing and acting, and with no budget for the project, Mae Claire and Stephanie Pham decided to bring their fan fight to life. Mae Claire, is a well known cosplayer who for this project sewed the costumes, while Stephanie who has been doing Tae Kwan Do for years and …

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Cosplay Spotlight: Miso

1. What is your cosplay name? My cosplay name is Miso! It’s a shorthand for the internet name I used to go by when I was a kid. 2. Where are you from? I was born and raised in NYC! 3. How long have you been cosplaying? I’ve been cosplaying for about 8 years. My …

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Cosplay Spotlight: Holmesburg’s Roxas

1. What is your cosplay name? Holmesburg’s Roxas 2. Where are you from? I’m from the Neighborhood of Holmesburg in Northeast Philly. 3. How long have you been cosplaying? I’ve been cosplaying since April of 2014. 4. What is about cosplay that you like? If I had to pick one thing I like about cosplay …

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Captain America: Civil War TRAILER #2! Guess who’s here?

Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War” finds Steve Rogers leading the newly formed team of Avengers in their continued efforts to safeguard humanity. But after another incident involving the Avengers results in collateral damage, political pressure mounts to install a system of accountability, headed by a governing body to oversee and direct the team. The new …

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Page 10 of Lime Rind #3 webcomic is up, and FREE to read!

WOAH SAMURAI FANS!  Black Sheep Ninja busted out swinging in the last installment of Lime Rind.  This new villain is cunning and talented, Lime Rind is going to have to pull out all the stops to get the upper hand.  See how the battle progresses in this newest page of Lime Rind the Rogue Samurai! …

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Cosplay Spotlight: Azumii Cosplay

1. What is your cosplay name? Azumii Cosplay 2. Where are you from? I was born in Texas but have been living in New England for quite a while. Right now I am based just outside of Boston! 3. How long have you been cosplaying? I started cosplaying about five years ago when I saw …

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Cosplay Photography Spotlight: Shinob-e

1. What is your photographer name? Shinob-e 2. Where are you from? Philadelphia, PA 3. How long have you been doing cosplay photography? I’ve been shooting cosplay for 2 years. At first it was just with my camera at tournaments and cons, then I invested in some lighting equipment, and now I’m doing in studio …

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Awesome fandub of the Genos VS Saitama fight in One Punch Man.

This is only a sample but I think ‘Ace0fClubs0001’ and ‘PantoneSalmon’ did a great job! I totally would believe that they are the official voice actors. Check it out for yourself. “Fandub edited and mixed by yours truly. This one took quite a bit of work and I was really anal to get the sfx …

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Read page 17 of the web-manga ‘Silver’ for FREE!

Armel the son of the King of Gods speaks his mind and gets punished for his actions. Go check out page 17 of Silver, right HERE or Click on COMICS at the top to find it!

The Captain America: Civil War Super Bowl TV Spot looks GREAT!

A feud between Captain America (Chris Evans) and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) leaves the Avengers in turmoil. Theatrical release: May 6, 2016 in the United States. Captain America: Civil War Super Bowl TV Spot.