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The J1 Studios STORES are back!!!

Check out all the awesome stuff we have to sell like our books, various clothing lines and super cool posters! Click HERE or just click on STORES at the top! Go to the bookstore and pick up Lime Rind, Super Bounty J1 or Angel Savior (#3 is available finally)!         Model: Kira …

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Page 4 of Super Bounty J1: Secret Missions!! LOOK OUT!!

Last time we met, J1 was on the run with a box of some top secret stuff, and C4 was on her heels. Things were getting intense, then C4 went and pulled out some type of super boxing gloves… Look out J1!!!   Click HERE to read the comic OR just go the COMICS tab …

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The convention that was Otakon 2012!!!

  Otakon. It’s the second largest anime convention in the United States. Bringing thousands upon thousands of people to the Inner Harbor of Baltimore, it’s one of the most aniticipated events that anime fans, cosplayers, and ravers alike mark down on their calendars. Going into it’s 19th year, this installment of Otakon was one not …

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Find us at OTAKON!!! (TABLE V-13)

We will be located at Table V13 in the Artist’s Alley!  What we will have at our table: – Angel Savior #1-3 – Super Bounty J1 #1 (never before seen art inside) – Lime Rind #1 – J1 Studios Tribute Book Volume #1 (limited print) – Spin Dash Audio (Sonic Remix) – Green Mushrooms and …

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Page 3 of Super Bounty J1: Secret Missions! It’s free!

It looks like J1 is taking on C4, and they are fighting over a special box. What’s in it? Enjoy page 3 of the  “Side Missions”, produced by the one and only Kate K. Milo of “Lime Rind” fame. Click HERE to check it out or go to the comics section to find it!

Let’s share links!!!

If you want to share links let us know!! Let’s keep the circle of communication going! CLICK HERE or go to the LINKS section for info!

Rumor: Super Bounty J1 the live action movie????

I know it sounds crazy, but check this out! Danae Richardson from J1 Studios has been listed as the protagonist J1, and hip hop artist and musician, Marc J (who has performed at Mayhem Madness 1) is possibly taking the role of the cyborg dictator, Sin. What makes the rumor sound more plausible is that …

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A new Super Bounty J1 spin-off?? COOL!!

Yup you read it right sucka! Super Bounty J1 is back! This time we have an awesome set of short “Side Missions” that go by that very same name, produced by the one and only Kate K. Milo of “Lime Rind” fame. Click HERE to check it out or go to the comics section to …

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