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Floating In Ambiance – New Single from Upcoming Remix Album!!!

Time to take a Journey!!! Floating In Ambiance is the first single off of the upcoming EP “Journey Through The Jungle – Donkey Kong Country Remix EP”, a collaborative project between Shinigami (Ray Riley) of the J1 Sound Team and fellow producer Artistik Beatz. You can hear the new single by clicking HERE or you can …

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Lost Beats & Found Friends – New Album from Dj CUTMAN!!!

New Music from Dj CUTMAN!!! Coming off of his hiatus, Dj CUTMAN has released a new album today (which is also his birthday). Titled Lost Beats & Found Friends, this is a 6-track album of collaborative beats he’s made with friends he’s met through his music. You can download the album by clicking on the …

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TAKII 14 – The Recap

Once again, we were able to provide coverage for an awesome event in Philadelphia titled TAKII. If you don’t know what TAKII is (and you should by now), TAKII stands for The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational and it is the “world’s most extreme Asian music/gaming festival” held twice a year in Philadelphia. Created by Damien “D-Chan” Christopher, …

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BLACK TRIBBLES²..Live geek radio…choose the best show of 2012! SUNDAY NIGHT!

Black Tribbles wants to know what YOU think is THE BEST TELEVISION OF 2012 on Sunday Dec 30 10pm EST on BLACK TRIBBLES² on 900AM WURD www.900amWURD.com; On Air, Online and In Community.

TAKII 14: New Year’s Evolution

  What’s the best way to say “Sayonara” to 2012 and “Konnichi wa” to the upcoming year? You do it in true fusion style with the TAKII family. Back for it’s 14th season, The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational (TAKII for short) will be ending the year with it’s highly anticipated festival, titled “New Year’s Evolution”. …

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J1 Studios Interview: Dj CUTMAN

J1 Studios brings the camera to the 8-BIT LOUNGE event in Philadelphia, where we hang out with the host, Dj CUTMAN himself, and hear his story. Check out CUTMAN’s Music at http://djcutman.com/ And Check out his Record Label at http://www.gamechops.com/   

Cosplay Spotlight: Hayley Elise

Hayley Elise has entered the building, for our COSPLAY SPOTLIGHT!!!!! Why do you cosplay? So many reasons! I never really grew out of dress ups when I was a child, so I suppose it all stemmed from there. But there are so many things I love about it. Creating the costumes, for one, is so …

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Liberation Maiden review! SUDA 51 makes a 3DS game????

Liberation Maiden Developer(s): Level 5/SUDA 51 Publisher(s): Nintendo Nintendo
Platform(s): 3DS eShop Genre(s): Action Sci-Fi Shooter Release: Out Now Rating: T for Teen Guest Review by Marc Carter When Japan decides to elect a high school girl as President, best to believe all hell will break lose! And it has as Shoko Ozora hops into her …

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Chillin’ at the 8-Bit Lounge!

This past Saturday was the date of the 8-Bit Lounge, hosted by Dj CUTMAN. It was a night of music, retro games, and much more. If you missed it, then here’s a bit of a breakdown of the event for you. So what was going on at the 8-Bit Lounge, you ask? Well, there was …

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The Avengers vs. Justice League in NBA 2K12!!

Check out this video of Batman, Superman, The Flash and the rest of the Justice League go against The Hulk, Iron Man, Spiderman and the rest of the Avengers in NBA 2K12. Credits go to MkEliteWorksX on YouTube for the video.