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Page 11 of Lime Rind #3 webcomic is up, and FREE to read!

Woah Samurai fans!  After a relentless onslaught by Black Sheep Ninja, Lime Rind seems to have gained the upper hand.  Branch more specifically.  What move can Black Sheep Ninja pull at the tip of a katana?  Find out on the latest page of Lime Rind: The Rogue Samurai! Click HERE to read it , or just go …

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Page 10 of Lime Rind #3 webcomic is up, and FREE to read!

WOAH SAMURAI FANS!  Black Sheep Ninja busted out swinging in the last installment of Lime Rind.  This new villain is cunning and talented, Lime Rind is going to have to pull out all the stops to get the upper hand.  See how the battle progresses in this newest page of Lime Rind the Rogue Samurai! …

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Lime Rind #3 pages 8 & 9 are up, and FREE to read!

Lime Rind has met a mist-erious stranger in the lower canopy of Misty Tree Top.  While using verbal subterfuge to learn more about this acquaintance, it seems that Lime Rind may have hit a nerve she did not anticipate.  After all the suspense, we finally reveal the identity of the stranger in the mist in …

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200 pages of J1 Studios FAN ART from over 30 COUNTRIES for FREE to download!

After the success of the J1 Studios Tribute Book Volume 1 from 2011, we decided to try again. So the 1st volume was 50 pages with various art from around the globe, to (with Volume 2) being a 2012 fan art book that’s over 200 pages long with art from over 30 countries of their …

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Digital versions of the J1 Studios comics are AVAILABLE for a LOW price!

I know, it took forever. We were trying for a while to get it all set up, but for some reason we could only sell the hard copies of the books. Now things have changed! We are now selling our books for those who want to read them on their table or mobile device. For …

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Lime Rind #3 page 6 & 7 is UP!

Samurai Fans, here are two deliciously misty pages of the newest adventure of Lime Rind the Rogue Samurai.  As you may remember, Lime Rind is in Misty Tree Top searching for signs of the Interstellar Space sheep.  While regrouping she noticed a mysterious stranger disappear into the trees.  With no other leads, Lime Rind suspects …

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Lime Rind: The Rogue Samurai #3 webcomic has a page 5 now, FREE!

There’s someone in the corner of Lime Rind’s samurai eye.  What could it be? Friend??  Foe???  BITS OF DUST?!?! =O.O= Only one way to know samurai fans =^.~=  Check it out here at J1studios! Click HERE to read it , or just go to the COMICS section and look into Lime Rind: The Rogue Samurai #3.

Enjoy page 4 of the Lime Rind: The Rogue Samurai #3 webcomic!

Misty Mountain Top is a vast fog covered forest.  Lime Rind has followed her instincts to this place, even though she has yet to find any trace of the whereabouts of the Space Sheep or her kidnapped sister Lulubell.  Who knows??  Maybe she’ll get lucky =^.~=  Check it out here at J1studios! Click HERE to read it …

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Page 3 of the webcomic, Lime Rind: The Rogue Samurai is up!

Alright Alright Samurai Fans.  We know that while you love and adore Most Master Guardian and Daisy Shandelear but the real questions on everyone’s mind is “Where in Watif is Lime Rind?!?”  Well.  Look no further you loyal readers you.  Check it out here at J1studios. Click HERE to read it , or just go to the …

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Finally! The first 2 pages of Lime Rind Issue 3 are here!

Samurai Fans.  You have waited.  You have tossed and turned in bed at night wondering what the heck has happened after the sudden twist end of Lime Rind the Rogue Samurai and The Divine Socks of Quirkiness. You may remember how on the advice of ever trendy artist, Daisy Shandelear, Lime Rind had quested up …

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