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Mega Ran: Random Lyricism page 17… It has BEGUN!

England VS India!! The battle is underway, and it looks like E-Shocka is going for “First Attack”.  Daj M. Ahl better have something up his sleeve, or this will be a quick battle! This is a nice start to a possibly epic match! Who do you think will win? Read PAGE 17 by CLICKING HERE or by just going …

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Lime Rind the Rogue Samurai #2 page 18

Lime Rind triumphantly races back to her desert dojo.  If you recall, she had initially left on a mission to obtain the Divine Sock of Quirkiness to treat her sister Lulubell’s haiku affliction.  You know, that affliction where she only speaks in haiku.  Well today samurai fans, we see what happens when our hero gets …

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Buy Super Bounty J1 #1 NOW! Hidden art inside!!!

Read the wacky adventures of J1, a super powerful bounty hunter who takes on Sin, a cyborg dictator! There are Mexican men in panda suits, and assassins hunting poor J1 down. Will this all make sense? Maybe. You tell me. There is also NEVER BEFORE SEEN ART & STORY inside!!!! CLICK HERE TO BUY IT! …

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Lime Rind the Rogue Samurai #2 page 15

As Lime Rind and Most Master Guardian were just about to exit the luau, they encountered Meep.  Meep, the Abominable Snow Sheep, loves to play frisbee…and unfortunately our heroes have just entered a frisbee shaped space ship.  Oh dear… Click HERE to read it , or just go to the COMICS section and look into Lime Rind: …

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Lime Rind the Rogue Samurai #2 page 14…Luau?

SPACESHEEP!?  That’s a wooly predicament Lime Rind and Most Master are up against.  How will our heroes get past the Semi-Annual Sheep Family Luau to get home?  You’re hoping it’s silly, right?    You can’t begin to imagine.  Find out just how diabolical these Interstellar Space Sheep are in the newest page of Lime Rind the …

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Lime Rind the Rogue Samurai #2 page 13…I DO?

As Lime Rind claims her treasure and collects an adventure companion, the journey home to Lulubell and Daisy begins.  What could be up next for Lime Rind and Most Master Guardian??  Find out in the exciting new page of Lime Rind the Rogue Samurai! =^.~=

Lime Rind the Rogue Samurai #2 page 9 AND 10…TWO PAGES??

Due to some editing issues pages 9 and 10 were redrawn and rewritten to give YOU the fans an even BETTER experience!  Samurai Fans, nothing is lost.  Lime Rind is back and ready to battle onward for the Divine Socks of Quirkiness; the discontinued 80’s merchandise that will give her sister Lulubell a severely needed …

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THANK YOU ALL FOR READING ANGEL SAVIOR!!! There’s nothing that can be said that won’t  be said in the special message, besides maybe the announcement of Angel Savior BETA COLLECTION… Wait, What’s that you say? Well, the Angel Savior BETA COLLECTION is going to be a collection of Angel Savior issues # 1-3 with added bonuses. …

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Angel Savior #3 page 22. Someone dies.

With Jason in bad shape after transforming into Advent Masad once the Masad side of him was knocked unconscious, and his son defeated, Helsyn sees this as an opportunity to step in and make a quick statement. “Don’t mess with Helsyn!” is the statement I think we all agree on as we make our way to …

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Angel Savior #3 page 21. Is Masad going to die?

Advent Masad is more than ticked off and has no control over the new and VERY dangerous power. Lisa seems to be the next target. What is she going to do if Masad/Jason/Abel is trapped in his super-powered Advent form? Will this kill him?   To find out, read PAGE 21 by CLICKING HERE or by just going to …

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