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Mega Ran: Random Lyricism page 2 is a up!

 Hip hop, Street Fighter, Avatar the Last Airbender, AND Mega Man? If there was something like this I would have a nerd fit! Oh wait, there is! That’s right folks! Come and get it! Check out page 2. J1 Studios and RandomBeats presents… Click HERE or just go to the COMICS section.

Vampires, werewolves, and zombies? Oh my!!

The Sims games have always given us the opportunity to play god and create our own world, and watch over it like Zeus on Mount Olympus. We could build and renovate houses, and govern the lives of our Sims such as giving them a job, getting them married, etc. Over the past 12 years since …

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A New Family Guy video game…hmm?

Activision is working on a Family Guy title based on a fan favorite episode called “Road to the Multiverse.” Basically, Bertram is the proposed antagonist and he wants to take out Stewie by leap frogging through different universes. Stewie and Brian go after Bertram to put a stop to him before he succeeds. I remember …

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A new Super Bounty J1 spin-off?? COOL!!

Yup you read it right sucka! Super Bounty J1 is back! This time we have an awesome set of short “Side Missions” that go by that very same name, produced by the one and only Kate K. Milo of “Lime Rind” fame. Click HERE to check it out or go to the comics section to …

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Megatame Sexy … I mean, Philly Comic Con Do’s & Don’t in Comics Panel

The Dos & Don't Panel

Hello readers! Welcome to another convention report. It’s Frankie Rodriguez, J1 Comic Editor. You know. The guy that almost killed Stan Lee. *sigh* Anyway, I mentioned that I had attended some of the panels during the Convention. Here is one of them. The Do’s and Don’ts of a Career in Comics was on Friday night …

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New Detroit’s cybernetic lawman set to return in 2013!!

Yes, it’s happening. The cyber-cop from th eighties is getting an upgrade. Brazilian film maker Jose Padiha is directing the film that is set for an August 2013 release. The cast so far includes Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson and Joel Kinnaman in the title role. For those who don’t remember, the original movie is …

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Line to get in

Welcome one and all. Tis I, Frankie Rodriguez. New site. New day.  And boy, much has happened since we last talked. To my Clashers, be not afraid. Read all our usual quality stuff and enjoy the ENTIRE J1 site. ALL OF IT. But after you read this. This past weekend, I had the pleasure of …

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Watch Dogs – E3 Gameplay Trailer

  Possibly one of the biggest surprises at E3 this year was Watch Dogs, a new title from Ubisoft. And honestly, this game looks crazy. It was one of the impressive games that I’ve saw in this convention. Check out the gameplay of this exclusive title right here!

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance – E3 2012: Action Controls Walkthrough HD

This game is ridic! Beheading like a true cyber-ninja would. Hopefully you will notice that this game will not be as much stealth and that it’s aggressive high action. I can see a ton of cool moments just waiting to happen!

Persona 4 Arena: E3 Trailer

The battle begins with Persona 4 Arena for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360! Available Summer 2012. From RPG to Fighting game!!!