New Nintendo Parody Trailer!

Castle Corp Crew!

Nintendo fans strap in tight and fasten your chuckle buckle! Castle Corp is an animated YouTube sitcom about Nintendo’s stars getting by in tough times, and we think it’s hilarious. 

From the creators:
“Nintendo has mysteriously been out of business for several years and many popular characters have found unusual ways of making a living. Mario, our struggling protagonist, has reluctantly agreed to be the host of a low-budget product review show being produced in Bowser’s castle. Castle Corp is aimed at ages 18 – 50 but will be safe for children, using bleeped-out swearing and no adult themes.”

We got a sneak peek at the trailer and the first episode, and we can’t wait to see more!
Watch the trailer below!

Episode 1 – “Thwompuberty” will premiere live on Thursday May 21st at 4pm EST!

Tune-in to the live premiere using this link and ring the bell to set a reminder.

Future episodes will be released every 3 weeks following Episode 1.

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