Metal artist LittleVMills epic cover of “Taste the Blood”!!

Whoo! What’s up, J1 Fans? DevilDriver1313 here and Happy Leap Year to you all! Well, it is no secret that I am a Devil May Cry fan and I am about to share something that makes may heart happy. Check out this amazing metal cover of the battle music Taste the Blood from Devil May Cry 3 performed by metal artist Little V Mills.

Also check out this metal version of Devils Never Cry, the main theme of Devil May Cry 3.

Rock out to Open Your Heart from Sonic Adventure

Little V Mills has done numerous heavy metal versions of music from other games including Sonic Adventure, Doom Eternal, Death Stranding and Metal Gear Rising. He has also metalized Pokémon music as well and covered “Toss a Coin to your Witcher” from Netflix’s The Witcher.

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