Paramount working on two new Transformers films!

Paramount Pictures has announced plans to begin work on the next two Transformers films as part of the company’s plan to revitalize the franchise. The Transformers movie franchise overall has grossed over $4.8 million worldwide. However, the standalone “Bumblebee” film grossed $470 million, making it the lowest grossing film in the series. According to a report from Deadline, one of the projects is to be based on the “Beast Wars” series which featured the Transformers characters as animals. This project is reportedly being penned by “Murder Mystery” script writer James Vanderbilt. The other project is supposed to be a follow up to “Bumblebee” and have a script written by Joby Harold, script writer for “John Wick 3” and “Army of the Dead.”

At this time, there is no director attached to either project nor any indication of a release date.