Sega Games and Sega Interactive join together under one roof!!

Sega Sammy Holdings, the parent company of Sega Games and Sega Interactive, is bringing the separate companies under one roof. Beginning April 1, the two homes of Sonic will fuse together and simply be known as “SEGA”. The consolidating began in May 2017 as part of Sega Sammy Holdings medium to long term business plan called “Road to 2020.” Sega Sammy Holdings will change its name to Sega Group and will oversee the newly formed SEGA, pachinko company Sammy corporation and anime studio TMS Entertainment.

SEGA Group is also looking forward to the upcoming rollout of 5G in Japan, the cloud era of video games that might be coming with the upcoming PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles.

Sources: 4Gamer