Capcom clips Ducktales Remastered wings – digital game to be delisted!!

If you’re looking to finally purchase Ducktales: Remastered, it’s days are numbered. Capcom has announced that they will be removing the digital version from digital storefronts starting August 8. While Capcom gave no definitive explanation for the removal, the likely reason is Disney since Ducktales is a part of their intellectual property. For the final days of Scrooge McDuck’s treasure hunting adventure, the game will be available for up to 75% off on most platforms. The scheduled removal of Ducktales Remastered is as follows:

Steam (PC) – August 8, 4:59 PT/ 7:59 ET
Xbox 360, Xbox One (via backwards compatibility) August 8, 5pm PT/ 8pm ET
PlayStation 3 – August 9, 8am PT/ 11am ET
Wii U – August 9, 4:59 pm PT/ 7:59 ET

Capcom does warn that times are approximate so waiting until the last minute to purchase the game is not a smart idea. Those who already own digital versions of the game will still be able to play it. Disc copies of the game will still be able to install and play normally.

Ducktales Remastered was developed by WayForward Technologies and released in 2013 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U over a three month period. The game soon expanded to iOS, Android and Windows phone in April 2015. It is a high definition remake of the original 1989 NES title developed by Capcom. The original Ducktales game was included in the Disney Afternoon Collection, developed by Eclipse Digital and published by Capcom, along with Ducktales 2 (1993), TaleSpin (1991), Darkwing Duck (1992), Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers (1990), and Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers 2 (1994). The compilation was released on April 18, 2017 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Sources: IGN