Dragon Ball GT manga is making a comeback!!

Step into the Grand Tour once again, the adventure continues for Goku and his friends.

Yup, that’s right. The ill-fated sequel to Dragon Ball Z is rising from the grave. In a recent issue of Saikyo Jump, the magazine confirmed that Dragon Ball GT manga will resume publication of its first arc beginning with the next issue. Often mocked for its non-canon arcs, the series premiered in Japan on Fuji TV on February 7, 1996, spanning 64 episodes until its end on November 19, 1997. Unlike the two Dragon Ball series that preceded it, Dragon Ball GT was not adapted from the manga written by Akira Toriyama. The manga adaption of GT began serialization in 2013, more than a decade after the end of the anime. This is a bit of a surprise for Dragon Ball fans (myself included) that the Dragon Ball GT manga series is still alive and ready to make a comeback.

With Dragon Ball Super established as part of the original timeline set by Akira Toriyama, does is make sense for Dragon Ball GT to even be brought back? What’s more, thanks to the anime movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Akira Toriyama gave his own “finger snap” to nearly all non-canon Dragon Ball material. If that is not enough, in the ‘Goku Black Arc’ of DBS, Future Trunks stated to young Trunks that he is from an alternate timeline, hence why his future still turned out the same and why the two Trunks’ hair color is different – blue for Future Trunks and purple for kid Trunks. Perhaps the same can be said about Dragon Ball GT. Or maybe DBGT is set after DBS considering that Pan is just born in Super and already ten years old in GT.

Well, what do you think about the return of the Dragon Ball GT manga?